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Increasing and Improving your Achievement at Work


Success in the work place can lead to promotion, a pay rise, more responsibility and usually a better lifestyle. Many people think that achieving success in the work place is a lot harder than it actually is. Here are a few helpful hints to help you increase your success at work.

Problem solving

Problem solving is a great attribute on any CV and it's a really helpful tool to have in the work place. There are many effective methods of problem solving, the simplest being asking for help. Asking for help is by no means a weakness and is usually quicker than struggling to find a solution by yourself.

Get organised

Having an organised and tidy work environment has been proven to improve productivity. Making sure your desk is free from junk and clutter will help you to remain focussed and can reduce stress.

Creating the best impression

Creating a good impression is a very simple method of improving your achievement at work. Small actions such as arriving a couple of minutes early, sitting up straight and looking alert will always make you appear to be focused and dedicated and will not go unnoticed.

Get involved

Getting involved in meetings will always improve your chances of achievement at work. Be confident but not overpowering and make suggestions, but remember also to listen to the ideas of others. It is also a good idea to get involved in out of work activities; it can help to form a stronger team. Remember to keep a healthy balance between work and play though!

Looking good!

Appearance is really important in the work place, especially if you've just started a new job. First impressions last, so ensure you make a good one, Find out the dress code for the office, you may be surprised as it could be quite informal; you don't want to be overdressed.

Manage your time

Make sure you always meet your given deadlines, completing work late will let the whole team down. Plan your work according to the time given and make sure you write down what you're doing so you don't forget other less important pieces.

These are just a few simple tips and can really make a difference to your performance at work. For more tips about achieving your personal best at work take a look at the free employment skills online courses on


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