Amina Folarin

Amina Folarin is the HR Manager at Metro Newspaper. Every weekday morning some 1.3 million copies of Metro are distributed across the UK making it the world's largest free newspaper and the third biggest newspaper in the UK.

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Different Interviewer

Amina's experience

Amina’s previous experience is in Retail HR. Having worked at both Burberry and Allsaints. Amina's main focus in her current roles is recruitment and learning and development, she has an interest in social media and how it can help boost the employer brand.

Amina's style

Amina tries to keep interviews as informal as possible, but does probe candidates for more information if needed. Interview process at Metro usually consists of a first round of competency based questions, then the second round is a brief that candidates will present back to the Director of the Dept and the Line Manager. It ensures that everyone is responsible for the recruitment and getting the right people for the roles.

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