Darren Jones

Darren Jones is a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. He is currently in a ‘broadening’ appointment as the Area Careers Liaison Officer for Hampshire which involves raising awareness of RN careers among young people, interviewing potential Officers, and mentoring them through the selection process.

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Darren's experience

Darren was sponsored through his Aerospace Engineering degree by the Ministry of Defence but wanted to use his skills in a more challenging operational environment so joined the Royal Navy in September 2004. For the last 6 years he has trained and worked as an Air Engineer Officer which has offered a number of diverse roles. Darren has worked on an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) procurement programme, as the Deputy Air Engineer Officer of 849 Naval Air Squadron, and most recently as the Air Engineer Officer of 857 Naval Air Squadron. Throughout his short career he has served on 4 RN ships and has been involved with numerous operations and exercises around the world.

Darren's style

Darren is looking for candidates with the potential and determination to succeed as a Royal Naval Officer. At the interview he assesses 3 key competences: communication skills, leadership and motivation. Successful applicants will go on to the Admiralty Interview Board where these 3 competences will be assessed in further detail, along with their effective intelligence, and their courage and values.

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