John-Paul Cardew

John-Paul Cardew is the Talent Resourcing Manager for Broadcast & Corporate at BSkyB. Working in partnership with internal clients, the Broadcast & Corporate Resourcing team offer a customer-focused outlook which enables them to work proactively to engage the highest calibre individuals to become part of the BSkyB success story.

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John-Paul's experience

John-Paul has over 8 years experience in recruitment and resourcing. Having worked as a Consultant for a search firm for 2 years, focusing on placing PhDs into the high technology R&D sector, he then moved to the BBC where he was Recruitment Consultant for New Media & Technology.

He joined BSkyB in early 2005 where he was responsible for recruitment for Broadcast Operations and COO. He subsequently moved internally to manage Sky’s Recruitment Channels to market and most recently has moved to his current role as Talent Resourcing Manager for Broadcast and Corporate.

John-Paul's style

John-Paul feels it’s about trying to make candidates feel relaxed as he wants to get as honest an assessment of them as possible.

It’s as much Sky selling their company and values of Tuned-in, Inviting, Irrepressible and Fun to the candidate as it is the candidate selling their skills, experience, knowledge & personality to the interviewer.

John-Paul views the interview as a two way street. It’s more than just skills and experience. Doing research is critical to being successful at interview and showing a real knowledge of the company as well as the job for which you’re going for is crucial.

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Select questions by John-Paul Cardew

  1. If you were offered this role, how would you go about managing credibility within the role, to management and to your peers?

  2. What do you feel will be your biggest challenge in this role?

  3. Can you give an example of where you’ve encouraged collaborative working across a team and also across departments?

  4. Talk me through an example where you have delivered an innovative project which has allowed your company to deliver a quality service to its customers.

  5. Talk me through the different personalities in your team. – How do you manage these people?

  6. What do you see as the key elements in motivating your team?

  7. Tell me about a time where you have changed/implemented new procedures in order to deliver a better service to your customers/clients.

  8. Tell me what you think creates a happy and motivated team?

  9. Give me an example where you have dealt with a potential conflict situation.

  10. Give me an example of where you have implemented change to an existing operation. – How did you ensure service and quality levels were still met while you imbedded this change?

  11. Give me an example of where you have worked on a number of projects at the same time, to tight deadlines. – How did you manage this?

  12. Where would you see this role taking you in your future career plans?

  13. Why have you applied for the role? – What relevant experience can you bring to it?

  14. Talk me through a project you have worked on recently which required considerable project management skills.

  15. Tell us about a key relationship that you set out to build in your current role and tell me why you chose that relationship as important?

  16. Tell me about a recent experience where you had challenging negotiations with a third party or external company.

  17. This is my killer question – Why us? Out of all the organisations you could have applied for, why this one?