Laggi Diamandi

Laggi Diamandi leads the Graduate program at dmg media, a multi-channel, award winning company which is home to some of the most loved brands including the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, Metro, Wowcher and Northcliffe.

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Different Interviewer

Laggi's experience

dmg media is a bold organisation that sets the agenda and Laggi looks for the same in their people. Their graduate programme specifically targets exceptional talent that really do make a difference, looking for candidates who are resilient, tenacious and an expert in their field. Before dmg media, Laggi worked in HR for top retail brands JD Sports and Size.

Laggi's style

When Laggi interviews graduates, there are a couple of things he looks out for. Firstly, a broad range of skills that may be transferred from university-life to the workplace, secondly, he's a big fan of linguistic assessment ‘what you say and how you say it’. This is quite important as it demonstrates the conviction of what is said. Finally, Laggi likes to explore the potential of an applicant, how far this person is willing to go. He won’t be asking you “where you will be in five years”, but will want to know how you plan to get there!

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