Lee McQueen

Lee McQueen is Managing Director of Raw Talent Academy which aims to provide internal sales academies to both SMEs and Corporate businesses and give candidates a career in Sales through training, development and mentoring.

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Different Interviewer

Lee's experience

Lee is best known for winning BBC’s The Apprentice 2008; he previously worked in recruitment for 10 years, 6 of which were with Capita Resourcing, heading up the IT recruitment division.

After winning The Apprentice, Lee set up (along with Simon Sugar) a digital media business for Lord Sugar called Amscreen. He was primarily involved with building a team of sales professionals and the development of new clients.

Lee's style

Lee has many years of experience in the recruitment industry, so his advice is honest and based on interview situations he deals with every day. Lee is looking for people that have put a lot of effort into their preparation for interview; including researching not only the company, but the interviewer and the potential questions they could be asked.

He famously got caught out in The Apprentice for lying on his CV to boost his academic qualifications and advises that the past shouldn't affect how you are going to do the job NOW. Convince employers that you're the best person for the job in the interview because of what's current, and you won't need to embellish your past achievements.

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