Moray Coulter

Moray Coulter is a TV Production Talent Executive and has worked in the factual and entertainment departments of ITV Productions. He is responsible for finding and recruiting senior producers.

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Different Interviewer

Moray's experience

Moray has more than 20 years experience in TV production and has worked for broadcasters, production companies and trade associations throughout his career.

He founded and ran ProductionBase, the industry-standard online television production talent resource. Prior to this he was an ITV current affairs documentary researcher, a BBC Radio reporter, and has also worked at the indies' trade association PACT, running the Pact Scotland office for two years.

Moray's style

Moray’s interview style is quite relaxed. He sees interviews as a two way street and thinks that you should use them to find out as much about the company as possible. His questions really make interviewees think carefully about their answers. For anyone wanting to get into TV production, Moray is the interviewer for you.

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