Nick Barnett

Nick Barnett is a Warrant Officer in the Royal Marines and a Careers Adviser for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in one of the Armed Forces careers offices.

Part of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines are the UK's 'go anywhere' amphibious forces and a key component of the UK's Rapid Reaction Force.

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Different Interviewer

Nick's experience

Nick joined the Royal Marines directly from school at the age of 17. Now with 31 years experience as a Royal Marine, he has spent the last 6 years as a Royal Navy and Royal Marines recruiter. During his career Nick has visited 36 different countries, seen operational service in the Falklands and the Arabian Gulf and qualified as a diver, a ski instructor and a weapons instructor, reaching the rank of Warrant Officer 2.

A keen sportsman, Nick has also represented his unit at athletics and the triathlon.

Nick is currently a careers advisor and office manager of a busy armed careers office.

Nick's style

When Nick is interviewing he is looking for motivated and enthusiastic candidates with a high level of fitness and a good understanding of the Royal Naval services. Potential recruits, whether Officers or other ranks must have the desire to push themselves to their full potential; and the energy and adaptability to enjoy all that a career in the Corps has to offer.

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