Peter Leadbetter

Peter Leadbetter is a Director in Ernst & Young's Business Advisory Services. He works in a group called People and Organisational Change.

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Different Interviewer

Peter's experience

Peter has an extensive background as a Change and People consultant across all sectors. He originally trained as a Psychologist, achieving Chartered Status and a Fellowship with the British Psychological Society. He also has a teaching qualification through three degrees and two years of teaching. He worked as an Educational Psychologist for 15 years.

Peter is currently a specialist in managing people-based aspects of business transformations and major organisational change programmes.

Peter oversees several key consulting functions and manages Ernst & Young's employment needs for coaching leaders through change - from the design and delivery of events to decision-making and client engagement.

Peter's style

Peter likes to create a comfortable and relaxed environment so that the candidate is able to describe and debate their skills and experience confidently. Once the candidate is at ease, Peter conducts the interview in a conversational style so he can really get a sense of their personality, experience, core values and whether or not they will be a good fit for Ernst & Young.

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