Richard Titus

Richard Titus is a Digital CEO. His CV boasts companies such as the BBC and Associated Northcliffe Digital, the digital consumer division of A&N Media.

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Richard's experience

At Associated Northcliffe Digital, the digital consumer division of A&N Media, he oversaw a £100m+ international portfolio of businesses including UK sector leaders; Jobsite, FindaProperty, Globrix, and the online travel, mobile and television businesses of Teletext.

Previously, Richard led one of three BBC future media divisions as Controller Future Media, A&M and Mobile, where he was responsible for the strategic, editorial and technical delivery of its mobile products and services (including the GMSA award winning mobile iPlayer).

Richard has founded or co-founded seven firms in his diverse entrepreneurial career including Razorfish LA and Schematic, an Adweek top 10 interactive agency where he served as President and Vice Chairman before its 2007 acquisition by WPP.

Richard's style

Richard likes to interview as many people as possible who join his organisation. He likes to see how smart the interviewees are and how they respond to things they aren’t expecting to understand how they would react in a crisis.

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Select questions by Richard Titus

  1. Tell me about your current job. What is the absolute favourite part of your job?

  2. Tell me about your biggest success and the thing you are most proud of. Are they the same thing?

  3. Tell me about your biggest failure, and why you failed? What did you learn?

  4. Tell me about the biggest innovation you created in your current role? What did you do that changed the way your company operated?

  5. Tell me about conflict at work – and how you dealt with it?

  6. What do you think is the biggest trend in our industry today? What should we, as a business, be doing to address this?

  7. Tell me a story about you...about when you realised you had something unique and special to offer the world.

  8. Explain how you helped a member of your team to progress and develop their career.

  9. Tell me about your favourite product or service. What lessons can we learn from it to make our business better?

  10. What mistake is your current employer making at the moment? How can we learn from their error?

  11. Where do you put the customer when thinking about business?

  12. What is the worst customer experience you had with a company?

  13. What do you think is the most important trend in the political landscape today in this country?

  14. What do you think your boss wished he knew about what you do every day?

  15. What was your favourite job that you’ve ever had?

  16. Tell me about how you brought a team together, and got them to do something that individually they didn’t want to do.

  17. What item on your CV do you worry that I won't see? Why is it important?

  18. Is there anything you would like to ask me?