Sarah Dickson

Sarah Dickson is a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force (RAF). She manages the recruitment operations in London.

The Royal Air Force is recruiting now. There are more than 50 different career opportunities which include Engineering, Personnel Support, Logistics, Aerospace Battle Management, and Medical trades and branches.

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Different Interviewer

Sarah's experience

After university and a stint working in the City, Sarah embarked on a change in career direction to become a military officer in the Royal Air Force. She has spent the last six years specialising in Personnel Support; she is now a Flight Lieutenant and hasn’t looked back. Sarah has looked after the Royal Air Force’s most valuable asset - its people - in a number of testing environments including Afghanistan on active operations. Sarah has also made use of the exciting opportunities within the Royal Air Force to travel and develop herself personally through sport and adventurous training. She now manages the recruitment operations in London and will personally interview most candidates from the area who are applying for officer roles.

Sarah's style

Don’t be put off by the uniform, Sarah and her staff take great pains to put their candidates at ease so they can give their best performance at interview. Sarah looks for candidates with bags of energy, drive and focus to succeed. The key to success in one of her interviews is investing plenty of time beforehand to prepare properly - this will give you the confidence to shine.

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