Putting your CV on Jobsite - a users guide

      Now that you are a registered Jobsite user you are faced with a series of choices of how you would like to present your personal details. Perhaps the most important way for you to communicate your experience, capabilities and requirements is through your CV.

      When using Jobsite you have 3 options with regards to your personal details, these are as follows:

      1. You can upload your CV to Jobsite and make it available for online searches by recruiters and employers currently using Jobsite ("Distribute")
      2. You can upload your CV to Jobsite and we will store your CV securely (it is protected and can only be accessed by you) so that it is easily available for you to use when you wish to apply for specific vacancies on Jobsite ("Hide")
      3. You can choose not to upload your CV - but you can email your CV directly to recruiters and employers as a result of seeing a suitable vacancy on Jobsite

      How to put your CV online with Jobsite

      When it comes to placing your CV on Jobsite you can now choose to 'Browse and Select' to upload a saved **MS Word CV that you may have on your PC / Mac and we automatically convert the document into 3 different formats in order to meet the demand of our recruiters, the formats are as follows:

      1. Microsoft Word6
      2. ASCII (Plain Text)
      3. HTML

      What now?

      It is at this point that you can either tick the box to decide whether you want to 'Distribute' or 'Hide' your CV. Jobsite recommends that you do distribute your CV as this is a very important way of getting yourself known to recruiters and employers and matching your experience with their requirements.

      Should you do choose to distribute your CV it will now be possible for recruiters and employers to find you using the Jobsite 'CV Search' and 'CV Match' tools - allowing them to match you with vacancies without you having to actively search through vacancies on Jobsite.

      The desired outcome is that you will receive an email or phone call (depending what contact information you included with your CV) informing you of a suitable vacancy or inviting you to attend an interview.

      Are you happy with your CV? - Behind the scenes

      When you are happy and have submitted your CV our system will open it using MS Word and save an HTML and a simple text version of the document. The formatting effects of this procedure are outside of our control, being determined by the behaviour of Microsoft Word. For an idea of how your CV will be affected try opening it in MS Word, then select 'File' and 'Save as HTML' which will convert it into a web page.

      If you then open the HTML version of your CV using your Internet browser, e.g. Explorer or Netscape, you will see the document-formatting layout may be significantly different from your original document. You will also notice that the layout adjusts depending upon the size of the browser window you use to view the document.

      The reason we save your CV in different formats is in order to support all the support requirements of employers and recruiters who advertise vacancies with us.

      The recruiters make use of different formats as follows:

      • Some recruiters choose not to receive relevant CVs directly, preferring instead to view them online. The tool they use to do this is their browser, and therefore the most practical format is HTML.
      • Some recruiters prefer to have relevant CVs delivered to them, of these:
        • Some recruiters choose to have CVs delivered in MS Word format, which gives them the best layout but the down side is that the volume to download is very large. This works well with clients who have fast Internet connections (or receive only a small number of CVs per day)
        • Other recruiters choose to receive the CVs in text format. This works particularly well where a recruiter is perhaps 'on-the-road' or they have a slow Internet connection (or receive lots of CVs a day).

      Formatting your CV so that it looks good on Jobsite

      When submitting your CV to Jobsite formatting changes may well occur, to ensure that your CV retains it's professional look follow the simple guidelines below:

      1. Keep the layout of your CV as simple as possible - try to use plain fonts with no italics and underlining, and no border
      2. Avoid 'unnecessary decorations'
      3. Avoid the use of Text Boxes: these do not convert well into simple text or html formats, sometimes becoming blank
      4. Avoid the use of graphics. Again these will not appear in simple text or html versions of your CV. They also make the MS Word documents very large, which recruiters do not like
      5. Avoid using multiple tabs to arrange text, instead use a single tab with the correct tab setting. In the text version the tabs may convert to varying numbers of spaces. In HTML format the multiple tabs may force the text to wrap unpredictably over multiple lines
      6. Avoid using tables
      7. Avoid using multi-column page layout
      8. Avoid multi-sectioned documents
      9. Don't password protect your CV
      10. Don't embed other documents

      Deleting your CV

      If you are not happy with your CV or if you wish to update certain sections or contact details then the simplest way of doing this is to enter the 'CV Management' page, scroll to the bottom and select 'Click Here to delete your existing CV details'.

      You can now either upload the newer version of your CV when you are happy with the details, or keep your CV section empty and upload your CV at a later date.

      For further information on how to write a great CV

      Users may deposit CVs in their My Jobsite saved as a ".txt", ".rtf" or ".doc" format file using the following programs: All versions of MS Word for Windows; · Word V4.0,5.0 and 5.1 for Macintosh; · MS Word 3.x-6.0 for DOS; · WordPerfect 5.x; · WordPerfect 4.0 for MS-DOS; · Works V 3.0 and 4.0: · Lotus AmiPro 3.x for Windows; · MS Write 3.x; · WordStar 3.3-7.0 for MSDOS; · WordStar 1.0-2.0 for Windows; · OpenOffice.org