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Jobsite Personal Profile

As a Believer, it's the challenge, the risk, the prospect of what I can achieve that drives me, rather than simply making money. What motivates you?

Keith Potts,Managing Director, Jobsite

Would you like to be happier in your next job?

It will take just 8 minutes of your time - find out how below.

The process of finding a job to suit you can be very demanding and challenging. It's more than just checking to see if you have the right skills and working out how long it will take to get to work.

Our personal profile will help you to better understand yourself and assist in finding the work environment that suits you best.

We'll also be able to provide you with the essential interview questions you MUST ask at your next interview to discover if the company and role are right for you.

60% of jobhunters who have already received their Profile say that it will help them find their next job.

What is the Jobsite Personal Profile?

The profile was developed as the result of extensive market and academic research. We identified 5 distinct types of jobseeker each with different priorities, desires and motivations. Each type prefers a different work environment.

By completing the questionnaire you will receive a personal profile that will help you find your next, great job.

I've taken questionnaires before - why is this any different?

The Jobsite profile recognises that at different stages of your life and in different circumstances your preferences will change. The aim of the Jobsite personal profile is to help you understand your self at any particular time. So, rather than pigeonhole you for the rest of your working life, the Jobsite Personal Profile takes a snapshot of your current thinking and helps you look ahead.

The great thing about the different types is that no one is better than another. Its fine to be whichever you come out as, as it's a reflection of your values not something someone else says you should be.

And oh by the way, we won't tell you you're a 'dog' or a 'rabbit' or a PZ or YB. Instead we'll provoke you to find out a little more about yourself.

This will include showing you how other people see you and how you see them. And shining the light on why people behave in certain ways at certain times. And enable you to get the best from the situation - whether it's at work, during an interview or even in your personal life.

What will you get?

When you complete the profile you'll receive four reports:

  • Report 1: Your current work - life values
  • Report 2: How you will see other types of people
  • Report 3: How other types of people will see you
  • Report 4: Interview questions for finding the right employer

You're just 8 minutes away from finding out more about yourself.

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