About WorldCom

  WorldCom's mission statement neatly encapsulates our aspirations and strategy "To be the leading facilities-based provider of end-to-end Telecommunications and Internet services to business customers globally" We are a major global telecommunications company, with annual revenues of $37bn and established operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
We employ state-of-the-art technologies over fibre-optic city networks, national and international networks and transoceanic cable systems. Our networks provide end-to-end, high-capacity connectivity to hundreds of thousands of commercial properties world-wide. Voice, Data and Internet services are effectively delivered over a single seamless network.

WorldCom International represents the fastest growing and most exciting part of this world-wide company. In 1999, we added over $500m in revenue, invested over $1.2bn in capital and added metro networks in more than eight cities.


Building 'a different kind of Telco'

The success of WorldCom is down to you, pushing yourself, going that extra mile, achieving the impossible. These are things we strive for in our day to day work. We are a "self-help" organisation. The people who succeed are those that can maintain their focus and initiative in an ambiguous environment. Another key aspect that we look for is real flexibility - the ability to work on one project one day and then the next day something completely different. It's no surprise that we are very results oriented. People are paid on what they do for the company, the revenue they earn and what they do for customers (or measured against performance objectives if not in a sales/customer role). We are not a 'hire and fire' outfit - people are supported and encouraged - but they are expected to perform.And that sets the tone. This is a young company where responsibility comes early and in whatever quantity you can handle. The average age of the UK work force is only 33, but experience is always highly valued.


Benefits at WorldCom

As you would expect of a world leader in our industry we offer the following:-

  • Competitive pay - benchmarked regularly to avoid salary drift.
  • Bonus Scheme - linked to personal and company achievements - with high flyers getting well above the average!
  • Annual pay review - linked to personal performance
  • A wide range of health, pension and personal benefits
  • Home telephone discounts of course
  • Other benefits apply according to where you are employed.


International Headquarters

WorldCom's phenomenal growth prompted the decision to look outside London for quality accommodation that would unite all its employees in a cost-effective single location.

Unable to find suitable premises in central London, WorldCom chose Reading International Business Park in the heart of the Thames Valley as the location for its purpose-built European Headquarters.