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HobbyCraft is Europe’s first, and the UK’s largest chain of Art & Craft Superstores. Part of Dorset based HobbyCraft Group Ltd, who also operate two large Haskins Garden Centres in Bournemouth and Southampton, the concept has grown rapidly since the opening of the first HobbyCraft Superstore in Bournemouth (Summer 1995), and currently trades from NINETEEN Superstores.

A substantial opening programme is underway with the aim of enabling everyone in the UK to be within travelling distance of a HobbyCraft Superstore. Over the past two years the number of Superstores has doubled. The first to open in 2000 is located at Century Park, Bushey, Watford.

The roots of the HobbyCraft Group Ltd business were established back in 1882 as a nursery and market garden, and subsequently developed to become the leading supplier of nursery stock in Dorset.

During the last 25years under the direction of Warren Haskins, as the company has developed the Garden Centres in Dorset and Hampshire, innovated and rapidly expanded the HobbyCraft Superstores, a business with national and international recognition has resulted.

The HobbyCraft Superstores typically stock approx. 40,000 Art and Craft products;


FloralCrafts- Almost certainly the biggest selection of dried flowers, silk flowers, fruits, pots, baskets and specialist floral display materials ever seen.

NeedleCrafts- Tapestry, cross-stitch, embroidery, appliqué, patchwork, quilting, ribbons, lace, sequins…if you can’t see it, you can’t sew it!

ArtsCrafts- All the tools, media and equipment you need to create a gallery of masterpieces. Not only oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolours, but collage, decoupage, silk, glass, china and other special arts.

BasicCrafts- Kits and components galore including clocks, paint your own figures, jewellery, candlemaking, frames, stencils, rubber stamps. A hundred and one ideas to kick start your imagination.

KidsCrafts- More remedies for rainy days and holiday blues than you thought possible. Mountains of goodies to keep little hands and minds busy, plus junior ways to follow in mum and dad’s creative footsteps!

Customers are also able to see demonstrations, or take part in a varied selection of Craft Workshops designed for both adults and children.

About our customers

HobbyCraft customers are not just Crafters who are already inclined to make things, but a vast and untapped number of people who want to, and previously might have been overwhelmed by their lack of knowledge or where to source materials.

Research conducted by ICM in March 1998 identified customers are higher than the UK average amongst 35-54 age group and more likely to be female. Such is the popularity of HobbyCraft, that over 33% of customers have travelled more than 10 miles to the Superstore.