Building On The Foundations Of Our Success

Established in 1972 RTA have grown to become not just the most successful privately owned Business Agency in the U.K. but throughout Europe and our continued expansion programme is now taking us even further afield...

For us to be as successful as we are today has required our clients to firstly be successful – successful in selling! As a result of selling thousands of businesses and achieving many millions of pounds for our clients, we today have a European-wide network that provides our clients with unrivalled market exposure.

At RTA we specialise exclusively in the sale of businesses, limited companies and commercial property and have over 150 highly experienced staff always on hand to offer advice and support to clients ranging from small convenience stores to large supermarkets, from Bars, Restaurants and Hotels to Manufacturing enterprises, Wholesaling businesses and service sector businesses.

Each year we list over £1 billion of Business & Property and offer the widest range of Business Opportunities throughout Europe and so when clients entrust their sale to RTA they do so knowing they are in safe hands and with the widest marketing opportunities available they are assured to achieve the best possible price.

Success and ability are directly related and so the success of RTA is the greatest indication of our ability to be successful for you. If you’re thinking of selling then it makes sense to ‘talk to the specialists’ RTA.

Confidentiality And Discretion

Although we sell a multitude of Businesses, each as different in character and complexion as the owners themselves, we understand that all our Clients without exception expect complete confidentiality.

Everything we do is with discretion and confidentiality in mind. Whether it is through advertising, or simply talking to the many registered Buyers with us, we ensure that stringent controls are in place to protect our Clients’ confidentiality.


It is an accepted fact that a 21st Century service can only be provided by utilising 21st Century technology. At R.T.A. we have invested heavily in state of the art integrated computer networks, digital colour cameras and printers and ISDN driven phone systems, all of which combine to enable us to furnish information swiftly and efficiently to Buyers and Sellers alike.

The Internet

Although it has only been around for a relatively short period of time, approximately 15 years, the internet has had a dramatic effect on the way businesses interact with their customers. We are now able to provide instant information and World Wide Marketing for our clients, and this, coupled with the unique features of the RTA website, puts us at the cutting edge of internet marketing.

But, it is not enough just to have a web site; the science of Search Engine Optimisation will determine how successful our advertising is, and therefore will determine how successful our clients are - successful in selling. We are fortunate enough to employ our own web development team, and it is these individuals who, through constant research and development, ensure that we are at the cutting edge of ‘best practise’. So browse through our Web Site at or for European businesses visit


In the course of over 35 years’ trading we have established valuable relationships with many of the leading Banks, Building Societies, Finance Houses, and various other specialist lending sources who are always actively seeking to invest in the entire spectrum of Business opportunities nationwide. They are more than happy to work closely with R.T.A. because they appreciate our integrity, recognise our expertise in a very specialised field, and respect both the quality and volume of the business we successfully transact each year. We are therefore happy to perform the important function for both Sellers and Buyers alike of exploring the market to discover sources of capital for people who wish to invest in a Business but find initial finance a problem.

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