Fair usage policy

      Effective from 24th January 2014

      CV Downloads

      • Candidate CV downloads, CV searches and CV watchdogs are subject to a fair usage policy.
      • Jobsite deem fair usage to be 200 CV searches and 200 CV downloads or 200 CVs received per CV watchdog per user per day where:
        • A user is a person, company or firm who is named as the Recruiter in an Order Form and who has a unique login to the Site(s) (as set out in the applicable Order Form); and
        • A day is considered a calendar day between the hours of 00:00:00 GMT and 23:59:59 GMT.
      • Jobsite reserves the right to amend any fair usage limits that have been imposed without prior notification to users.
      • Jobsite takes any misuse of data, breach of a user's Contract or breach of any legal policy or regulations very seriously. Jobsite reserves the right to limit, suspend or cancel, without refund, access to the candidate CV database and associated services (including but not limited to Pay per View CV Search) if Jobsite, in its sole discretion, suspects (i) the misuse of data by a user and/or the user has breached any of the terms of their Contract with Jobsite. In addition, any such activity may result in legal action being taken by Jobsite against the offending party.


      • Users must only access the Site(s) from systems that have the most up-to-date level of anti-virus software provided by a reputable manufacturer installed and running.