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5 Key Learning Points from #FreshThinkers

Two weeks on  from the opening  Fresh Thinkers event with Amanda Hite and Scott Stratten and we are busy finding ways to implement some of their ideas into what we do on a day to day basis. We’ve heard from many of the attendees that they are doing likewise!

If you’re looking at doing something differently in your business here are 5 of the learning points that were talked and tweeted about the most:

Don’t try and have presence without being present

Social media provides platforms for conversation not for just pushing out advertising messages. The businesses that use them to properly engage with customers will reap the rewards. It inspired this blog from Pauley Creative – Don’t Have a Social Media Presence if you’re Not Present 

People spread awesome. They don’t spread meh!

Give your customers and awesome experience and they’ll talk about you. Everything we do is marketing, yet very often the employees that deliver the experience are among the lower paid in the organisation. Customer services have a huge part to play as Jobsite’s Marketing Director Gary Robinson writes about in this blog – What do you think would happen if you took 10% of your advertising budget and invested it in customer service?

When you set out to make meaning, you make money

Amanda Hite spoke passionately about purpose in your business, letting your employees be a part of something bigger than themselves that creates meaning. She also talked passionately about  using social media to help change people’s lives. This was a big takeaway for Tracey Dunn from BlueSky PR, who wrote about it in her blog reviewing the event.

If you block your employees using social media then you are silencing your ambassadors. If you can’t trust them then it’s not a social media issue, it’s a hiring issue.

If there was one message that both Amanda and Scott shared it was this one, which also proved to be the learning point that most people tweeted and most were talking about afterwards. Our Group Marketing Director Felix Wetzel talks about it in is blog about Fresh Thinkers – The Unbearable Lightness of Social Media

Don’t p*** off geeks!

Scott was fairly equivocal about this! ‘Don’t p** off geeks. We will take you down with our fury and pent-up anger’. This certainly resonated with Recruiter Magazine!

If you missed any of the messages then a great way to recap is to watch the panel discussion that took place at the end of the three day event. Here DeeDee Doke (editor of Recruiter Magazine) chairs a discussion involving Amanda, Scott and Felix talking about where businesses go wrong in the adoption of social media and what they can do to get it right. You can watch it here…

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Let us know what you’re doing differently in your business…

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