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5 Things We Learned At TruLeeds

Last week’s Jobsite sponsored TruLeeds unconference brought together recruiters, sourcers and HR professionals from  Holland, Romania, Croatia and Ireland as well as all parts of the UK. It certainly made for entertaining and stimulating conversation, with learning points aplenty.

These were our top 5 tips:

Spontaneity is important when using social media

The very first discussion was about slaying the ‘social media dragon’, essentially sorting out the lingo from the practical. Attendees were divided over the issues such as ‘who should speak on behalf of the business’ and ‘should you plan or just do it’ but one thing there was agreement on was the need for spontaneity and for businesses using channels such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate and engage as a person, not broadcast one dimensionally.

Smaller networks are good too

There was a lively debate around LinkedIn and how best to utilise it. Recruiters and talent professionals invariably use it to source and broadcast jobs and updates, whereas many others prefer to use it for networking and sharing. The main talking point was over the size of network with most people assuming that you should have as many connections as possible. Recent work carried out at Harvard casts some doubt on this and has shown that influence can be greater, and therefore more impactful, in smaller networks. Reach vs influence is a key consideration.

Watch Mark Williams, UKs leading LinkedIn trainer, explain why in this video.

Candidate experience works two ways and starts with the job description

Last week we wrote this blog about the candidate experience and why we felt it was important. During the discussions around this subject it became apparent that many feel this way too and most attendees who had changed jobs over the last 3 years felt that the experience they had received had left them with a negative impression of the business. Some of the recruiters (corporate and agency) felt that they were doing as best they could given the volume of applications that they sometimes receive.

The call was for jobseekers to be more discerning with their applications, which in turn could free up time for a more individual approach to feedback. For their part, job hunters wanted more informative, accurate job adverts/descriptions to help them better decide which roles to apply for.

The experience clearly starts with the job description.

Think outside the box when you are searching for people

During an insightful track on sourcing we were let into a secret. If you want to search online profiles for a ‘Manager’ then also search for a ‘Manger’ – you’ll be surprised how many you find! Also works for jobs as well…amazing how many vacancies for a Sales Manger you can find! Watch this video to find out what really makes a sourcer tick!

Be creative when you are looking to hire

One of the best attended tracks was to hear how one recruitment company organised a series of webinars to enable their client to reach outside their traditional networks to find like-minded candidates. The key was not to make the session about jobs but about a relevant topic that would encourage people with a certain interest/skill set to participate. There was a greater interest in their client’s business as a result, with many participants showing an interest in working for them.

Find out more from this blog ‘How Webinars Can Benefit Recruiters’

The next Jobsite sponsored Tru event will be TruLondon on 1st and 2nd September. Keep an eye out on this blog for details of how you can attend and join in the conversation.

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