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Is Now a Good Time to Change Job?

Knowing when is a good time to change jobs or follow a different career path could help you find a more secure and prosperous future. It could also put you in a position that’s streets ahead of others looking for the same career development and job opportunities, enabling you to react more quickly and proactively seek and engage with your next life-changing career move.

All industries work in economic cycles. Some businesses can thrive during a recession, but most companies operate best when their markets and sales are growing. That’s usually when they need to hire people to allow them to fulfil a need. So should you wait for the better times, given that we’re currently still in a recession? Not necessarily. Much depends on your skills and the experience you’ve gained over the course of your career. Indeed, there may well be a demand for someone with your skills and experience, perhaps even in a market sector you’ve not worked in before.

Read the news

By reading the news online or in your favourite newspaper, and by keeping yourself informed by listening or watching current affairs programmes on TV and radio you may be able to better analyse when the time is right to move on. Let’s also not forget Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and the many other social networks that allow you to join and participate in, or follow, industry-specific discussions.

No one expects you to become a full-time analyst, but you will find this knowledge useful in your current and future role. Employers often like people who can analyse a situation and provide appropriate advice when it’s requested. So part of your research should focus on what’s happening within your particular industry sector, or the sector you’d like to move into. The trade press is a good place to start, allowing you to assess the impact of the economy on your existing company and its effects on those you’d ideally like to work for.

Not many people will do this, but you could occasionally plot the ups and downs of your industry on a spreadsheet. It might alternatively be a good idea to archive any charts and market trend-related news stories that have been created by the media and analysts – those that are focused on your specific sector. These will give you a clearer idea of when it’s time to move on, based on whether your industry thrives during a period of growth or recession. This kind of research will also put you in good stead when it comes to successfully participating in job interviews, and add the Wow! factor.

Network with colleagues

Speaking to people within your industry by attending industry-specific trade shows, conferences and business networking groups will also enable you to keep up with the latest developments within your chosen industry and your field of expertise. You never know, you might meet someone out there who can open doors you never thought possible.

In conclusion then, the most appropriate time to change jobs or career is in your hands.

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