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The Changing Role of Working Fathers

It could be goodbye yummy mummy and hello dishy dad as the number of fathers working flexitime continues to increase – and about time too…

Not so long ago, the idea that a father could participate in domestic life as well as hold down a financially secure job would have been laughable. It just wasn’t the done thing for dads to do domestic chores, let alone childcare. Fathers were those mysterious figures which their children saw as they shadowed out of the door at breakfast time, and if you were lucky, got back in time to give you a sleepy good night kiss as your head hit the pillow at bedtime. Not any more!

The number of dads juggling demanding office jobs with dirty nappies is on the rise. Women are reclaiming their right to hold down full time jobs – many on equal or higher pay than their partners – which means dads are expected to do their part around the home too. It’s now not uncommon to see a dad or two sitting in baby music class, attending parent meetings, or doing the weekly grocery shop. As more parents co-juggle their chores, the number of dads doing dishes will certainly keep on rising.

Fortunately, the working world is keeping up with this changing pattern. Fathers are just as entitled as mothers to ask for flexible working hours and there are many forward-thinking companies out there that are sympathetic to these requests. Among the finalists in the Top Employers for Working Families awards that have just been announced, there is now a separate category entitled ‘Best for Fathers’. In this are four top companies which have been shortlisted for their innovative approach to working fathers: Continue reading “The Changing Role of Working Fathers” »

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All Change for Agency Workers

As you’re probably aware, from 1st October agency workers will be entitled to new rights as the Agency Worker Regulations come in to force.

We put some questions to our legal advisor – employment lawyer Philip Landau – to help our readers who are contracting understand how it may affect them.

Here’s what Philip had to say…

What are the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)?

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 which come into effect on 1 October 2011, will give agency workers many of the same basic employment and working conditions as their comparable colleagues who work on a permanent basis in the same or a similar role.

So who is covered by the Regulations?

The Regulations will cover agency workers who are supplied to a hirer by an employment agency. These workers are often referred to as ‘temps’. Agency workers sourced through intermediaries will also fall under the Regulations. Continue reading “All Change for Agency Workers” »

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All Work and No Play…

With the advance of technology, the boundaries between our work and home life have become increasingly blurred. National Work-Life Week (26-30 September) highlights the growing importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and why we should all switch off at the end of the day…

Do you remember a time before email, before the internet, before mobile phones even? What a strange and distant land that was! It all seemed so simple back then – people commuted to the office, they worked a 9-5, and then they returned home to their families. And that was that – work finished as soon as you walked through the door. There were no Blackberries to intrude on your family suppers, no internet to tempt you away from family gatherings and the only cuddling up on the sofa you did was with your partner or children, not your laptop!

Fast forward 20 years and life couldn’t be more different. Today, our working lives revolve around technology, allowing us to ‘log on’ anytime, anywhere. But while this 24/7 access to work may seem like an employer’s dream, it’s not doing much for our work/life balance.  Continue reading “All Work and No Play…” »

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Reimbursing Interview Expenses – Where Do You Stand?

Congratulations – you’ve got the interview lined up; problem is, now you’ve got to get there! With rail travel and petrol prices soaring, should companies be offering to reimburse your travel expenses?

Imagine the scene – after months of planning, preparing, and hard slog, you’ve finally been accepted for an interview for your dream job. The catch – you live in York and the interview is scheduled for 9am in London. The big question is how do you get there and most importantly, who pays? In this scenario, a typical return journey for a candidate to attend the interview on time would cost £245. That’s a huge sum of money to gamble on a journey where a happy outcome isn’t necessarily guaranteed. But if you don’t attend the interview, you’ll have absolutely no chance of bagging the job. It’s a catch-22 situation and one that is causing huge anxiety amongst job seekers. Continue reading “Reimbursing Interview Expenses – Where Do You Stand?” »

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Creating Online Profiles For Jobseekers

One of the most viewed Livestream discussions at the recent TruLondon 4 event concerned online profiles and how jobseekers can leverage the opportunities offered by social media to create a presence for themselves.

To talk through the ideas we bought together Jorgen Sundberg, founder of Link Humans, a consultancy that helps companies and individuals to get the best out of social media, and Steve Ward, founder of Cloud Nine Media Recruitment, a social media focused recruitment consultancy.

You can follow their discussion here…

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Here are some of the key talking points to look out for: Continue reading “Creating Online Profiles For Jobseekers” »

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