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Clare’s Christmas Headache

It’s that time of the year again and with that the company have organised a Christmas party. Everyone here in the office is talking about how fun it will be, but I have second thoughts about going at all.

My problem is that it doesn’t take me much to get drunk. All the people in the office have told me the drinks are free, I know I will be under enormous pressure from my co-workers to drink. I really want to go to the party, but sometimes I can do really silly things when I have had a few drinks.

I only just started this job and really want to progress within the company. Should I tell people I can’t go, with me having to lie when people ask questions or if I do go how do make sure I’m not pressured into drinking?

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  • Alex

    It can be easy to succomb to peer pressure to make a good impression, but remember that if you are stick to your guns and demonstrate your ability not to simply follow the crowd then this will reflect on you much more favourably than simply doing what everyone else is doing! You won’t get anywhere by being a sheep in this life!!

  • Lori

    I know exactly how Clare feels. To some extent she is creating her own problems in the sense that she’s anticipating so many things which could happen but might not happen. So what if they ask questions? If you really don’t want to drink, there is no reason in the world why you should. I also don’t really drink and
    when I go to functions where people drink, I just make sure my glass is always full of something (whether its a soda, mineral water of a juice).
    Year-end functions are wonderful events to go to and one shouldn’t stay away because of the fear of being pressured into drinking. We are adults and the days of peer-pressure are long gone. So Clare, go the the function, you can even pretend to have had a few glasses to drink. Just be sociable and allow yourself to have a really good time and I’m sure that will convince the rest of your colleagues.

  • Pat

    Easy, drink something like gin and tonic, or barcardi and coke etc. Then simply when you get a refill leave out the alchohol, i.e just drink coke or tonic water.
    If everyone else is knocking back lots of booze, no one will notice. Believe me it works, I have done this on a number of occasions

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