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Are Job Seekers and Recruiters looking in Different Places?

The Jobsite Autumn 2011 Quarterly Market Review is now ready to download and gives us a fascinating snapshot of the recruitment sector. Despite the economic gloom, and rising unemployment levels, this quarter has shown an increase in numbers of vacancies being advertised (for the first time in 18 months) with most of this due to increased recruitment activity by SMEs.

The key finding though is a continuing disconnect between the way that job seekers look for jobs and the way that recruiters seek to fill them:


  • Job seekers primary search tools are online job boards
  • Businesses primary route is through newspaper advertising
  • Job seekers support their online search by using company websites
  • Businesses secondary route is by using recruitment agencies
  • Job seekers use of recruitment agencies though suffered its biggest quarterly fall since we started our research in 2008


When businesses do use job boards they tend to favour CV Search facilities over advertising, and prioritise boards that offer sector specialisation with knowledgeable staff that can help maximise effective results…and they tend to use one board only. This is a contrast to job seekers who are using increasing numbers of job boards to maximise their exposure – in fact the number using more than 5 boards has doubled over the last year.

Overall there seems to be a positive and proactive approach from job seekers, whilst businesses and recruiters are taking a more passive approach, looking to knowledgeable online partners to help find active job seekers.

For more insight about how these tools are being used you can download your free copy of the Autumn 2011 Online Recruitment Quarterly Market Tracker by clicking on the image below…

And you can come and see us at the CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition (Manchester, November 8 – 10) to pick up a copy and find out more!


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