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Midas Selection Testimonial

Midas Selection has worked with Jobsite for over a decade and has enjoyed a successful partnership in this time. Jobsite genuinely partners with us as a business and understands our core issues, helping and accommodating us where possible. Our account managers have been informative, always gone the extra mile and shown great understanding during the dip in demand. I feel confident in our long term relationship.

Nathan Jones, Managing DirectorMidas
Midas Selection Limited

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  • hemen parekh

    Recruitment Managers / Recruitment Agencies around the world, dread the following scenario :

    Boss ( or Client ) :

    ” Find me a best sales executive within the next hour ”

    Of course, there are thousands of resumes in the hard disk of every recruitment manager, including the resume of that ” best sales executive “ .

    Problem is :

    It will take 6 days to open / read even a few hundred resumes – let alone a few thousands ! How to find that ” best ” resume in one hour ?

    No recruitment manager need worry about such a perfectly reasonable demand !

    All she has to do is to download ( free and without login ),

    ” Resume Rater ”

    from almost any website listed on the very first page of Google search-results ( or Yahoo or Bing or whatever ! ).

    Then ” rate ” all those thousands of resumes on the hard disk for ” function = Sales “.

    The ” best ” sales-executive’s resume will automatically get listed on the TOP of the search results – within a few minutes.

    Of course, the Recruitment Manager / Recruitment Agency runs the risk of many more ” reasonable ” demands from the Boss / Client !


    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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