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Jobsite sign new deal to continue as PFC sponsor

We’re pleased to announce that Jobsite are continuing as main club sponsor of Portsmouth Football Club.

It’s great to be working with the club again for a fourth season. As a Portsmouth based employer, we really appreciate the work they do in the local community, making Portsmouth a great place to live and work and we look forward to continuing to support them in their initiatives again this season.

The sponsorship deal includes branding on both the stadium and player shirts, supporting our overall branding activity to ensure Jobsite is one of the best known job boards in the UK.

With many Pompey fans in our Havant-based Head Office, employees and our clients are going to get some great opportunities to experience the fantastic match day atmosphere at Fratton Park.

The club may have been through a tough time recently but they’ve shown true fighting spirit. This, alongside their dedicated staff and loyal passionate fans are all key reasons for wanting to continue our relationship.

Play Up Pompey!

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Is the RPO Model Killing Serendipity?

What part does chance play in business? There are many examples of new inventions or business concepts coming to fruition almost by accident, by a chance occurrence that leads to a change in the way we see things.

Recruiters have often been divided over whether their work is art or science. What part can a chance meeting play in the hiring of the perfect candidate?

In this guest post Adrian Kinnersley, Managing Director of Twenty Recruitment, wonders if our current recruitment processes are reducing the likelihood of this happening…

“Serendipity is often described as a happy accident or it can be described as the ability to make creative use of a chance idea or person or event. But in business we are almost always hard wired not to do this. Why? Because often we are totally focussed on the drive for efficiency through systems and process and so fail to grasp the broader perspective.

I was reading an interesting article about this recently which argues that in business we are often at the mercy of chance to locate the people that we should be working with. The piece on CNN authored by Thor Miller said quite rightly that: “There wasn’t a recruitment company that brought together Lennon and McCartney, Jobs and Wozniak, or Ben and Jerry. Each of these people put themselves in motion — they escaped their isolated environments or routines long enough to bump into each other. Circumstance brought these personalities together, but to achieve success they had to connect, see something in each other and ultimately take the initiative in pursuing the partnership.

So what has this to do with recruitment and RPO? Well recruitment companies used to be excellent at performing this function. We’d work to get to know a client, their goals, the mission and values of the company and not only would we submit CVs for people who fit the current brief but when we met people that shared the same passions, values and goals as the company we would make an introduction and suggest a meeting.

These chance meetings often took a lot longer than a traditional hiring process for a live role and sometimes amounted to nothing more than a pleasant exchange of ideas or theories. They also often resulted in those companies actually making hires, amending plans and evolving for the better or gaining new customers and revenue streams. This is simply not possible through an often highly policed recruitment portal in the form of a traditional RPO format. Continue reading “Is the RPO Model Killing Serendipity?” »

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Butler Safe Technologies feedback

We placed a full display advert on Jobsite (as opposed to a semi display advert), because we wanted to reach a wider number of job hunters. The team at Jobsite did a fantastic job with the information we provided, and came up with a punchy job description and moving visuals that really caught the eye.

The response was fantastic, driving around 4 times the response of a normal advert and a view to application rate of around 11 percent, which is fantastic for a new business sales role advert.

Our account manager, Peter, is professional and efficient – offering guidance on the ad and help with CV search strings. Jobsite offers access to a huge number of job hunters with a user friendly interface and great support.


Julia Maxton Close, Operations Director
Butler Safe Technologies

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What Charitable Efforts Are You Making?

A recent survey and report from global recruitment firm Robert Half on ‘How to Attract and Retain Gen Y Employees’ showed that amongst the most important things they look for in a potential employer was a company’s charitable and philanthropic efforts. As one respondent quoted in the report said ‘The companies that stand out most are those that provide for their employees and community just as much as they provide for their customers’.

There were similar findings from research by Walden University in Baltimore which found that Gen Y is supportive of social causes, with 81% donating money, goods or services on an annual basis to such causes. A company with a strong social responsibility makes for an attractive proposition.

Many businesses support of a range of charities, which often instils a similar sense of responsibility in their employees. We have heard of a range of initiatives from creative fundraising to allowing each member of staff ‘charity days’ when they are able to take paid time off work to support a local charity, all helping to create an engaged workforce.

However some companies go much further than fundraising and offering supporting for charities and none more so than niche recruitment business McCarthy Recruitment, who recently won the Best Recruitment Agency to Work For at the 2012 Recruiter Awards. Continue reading “What Charitable Efforts Are You Making?” »

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Recruiter News, July 2012

Jobsite’s July 2012 newsletter contains information on the great new way you can access Jobsite’s CV database for free – search over 3 million CVs and only pay for the CVs you download. Plus, it features these great industry blog articles:

  • How to manage candidate relationships
  • 14 competency questions your should be asking
  • Is your body language putting off the best talent?


To read the newsletter online, click here.

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Google+: Why every recruitment business needs to be active on Google’s Social Network

This guest post comes from our Search Marketing Manager Gary Elliott, and he looks at how Google’s social network can give you a competitive advantage in the recruitment market…

“As a recruiter in today’s connected world, you’ll already appreciate the need to be active on social media. But are you giving Google+ the time and attention it deserves?

Speaking from a personal perspective, I’m a fan of Google+. It is easy to use, integrated with all my online activity and it allows me to enjoy content about the things I’m interested in. But this isn’t about me.

This is about why I believe Google+ is a valuable part of any recruiter’s or HR Manager’s toolkit.

Reason #1 – A Large, More Engaged, Audience Of Real People

There are two main factors that I think make the Google+ audience appealing for a recruiter or HR Manager.

  1. There are 170million people. And 60% use their account every day.
  2. Google+ won’t allow fake or nonsense accounts, so the people you connect with are real.

For me, there’s a lot of value knowing that any one I connect with on Google+ isn’t a spam-bot or someone pretending to be Homer Simpson. As a recruiter, with limited time and resources, knowing you’re able to focus your effort on real people is almost worth the switch to Google+ alone.

Reason #2 – Real People, Who Also Happen To Be Educated And Tech-Savvy

In addition to the staggering numbers, Google+ users are seen to be generally a specific type of person. And you can tell this from the topics that trend.

Here’s a selection of the current trending topics:


These topics give a strong indication that the people using Google+ are interested in tech and mobility. And so it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to assume Google+ users are relatively well educated and affluent.

As a recruiter or HR manager, who may be finding it tough to find quality IT or engineering candidates, Google+ presents a way to seek out and connect with them.

One of the criticisms pointed at Google+ is that it hasn’t been picked up by the mainstream. It is typically being used by early-adopters, the technically-savvy and business professionals.

Again, as an HR Manager, surely this is a blessing?

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