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Recruiter News, May 2012

Jobsite’s May 2012 newsletter contains information on recent changes to our website, mobile performance and vacancy writing tips. It also features these great blogs:


  • The secrets of successful account management
  • The 3 Ps of peak performance
  • The latest industry research results


Read the newsletter online by clicking here.

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Creating the Socially Connected Organisation

Last week we joined nearly 70 HR practitioners and consultants at the fourth ConnectingHR Unconference in London. The topic for this event was ‘HR and the Socially Connected Organisation’ and the day was split into three distinct parts:

  • A series of short, 7 minute presentations (pecha kuchas) around some of the topics that help make up the wider conversations around social connectivity and companies
  • Small group discussions inspired by the presentations (with the groups chopping and changing every few minutes to keep the conversations flowing and fresh) which led to the creation of a series of topics to be debated and explored
  • The unconference, at which these topics were duly debated and explored!

It made for a series of lively discussions, with the content wide ranging and touching at the very heart of what makes our organisations tick. Some of the key questions raised were:

  • How do you get the company to trust the people?
  • Social media must not replace face to face
  • How to influence the people who don’t believe social networking is a great tool.
  • Do I want to live my life in public?
  • Can tools change culture? Or does culture change with new tools?
  • Are these tools primarily for white collar ‘knowledge’ workers?

Here are four of our favourite discussions from the day:

Conversation is the new currency

This expression appeared in a presentation from ConnectingHR co-founder Gareth Jones and illustrates how the traditional ways of measuring, or assessing, employee engagement have changed. The annual survey led, statistic oriented approach that most workplaces favour are now too lifeless and rarely reflect day to day concerns of employees. It’s hard to get under the skin of what is discussed around the office water cooler and engagement can often measured far too late, after disaffection has set in. Social channels now allow the business (and HR in particular) to pick up the conversation and get an insight into the day to day concerns of the workforce. Continue reading “Creating the Socially Connected Organisation” »

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Meet Jobsite at Onrec’s Gravity Conference

On the afternoon of June 6th, we’ll be exhibiting at the Onrec Gravity Conference in London.

The conference will provide delegates with a totally new perspective on online recruiting through a unique range of strategies to help candidates gravitate to your company’s vacancies.


We’ll be at the conference and we’re particularly looking forward to the sessions on:

  • Employer Branding – an alternative approach
  • Return on Investment
  • Where are candidates looking for vacancies?
  • The Business of Social Recruiting


This event is relevant to employers involved in planning, implementing and running online recruitment strategies. HR directors, Managers, Personnel Managers, Consultants and Suppliers involved in the online recruitment process will all benefit from attending.


Discount for Jobsite clients and partners

If you haven’t already booked, we are pleased to offer our clients, contacts and partners, the opportunity to buy Gravity Conference tickets for just £100 each (plus VAT). That’s a saving of £25 per ticket.

To book your place online, email quoting discount code ‘JobsiteGravity’. For more information, please visit the conference website.
We look forward to meeting you there!

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The Three Ps of Peak Performance

We recently hosted the TedX Portsmouth learning event on Developing Human Potential. During the day we heard several leading speakers drawn from the coaching and leadership space enlighten us on performance and potential, how to inspire and encourage. Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you some of the sessions with the key learning points that we can take into our day to day business operations.

In this post we hear from executive and business coach, and sports psychologist, Sarah Fenwick, who three times broke World Records for Paragliding. She takes the familiar 5Ps of ‘planning and preparation prevent poor performance’ and turns it on its head! Believing that by preventing poor performance you’re only likely to achieve average performance Sarah has created her own 3 Ps – Purpose, Planning and Preparation Produce Peak Performance.

Here she gives us her take on getting peak performance – watch the inspiring video as Sarah talks us through the journey that led to her becoming the first person to break the elusive 100km paragliding barrier. She explains how she used the 3 Ps to make it happen…and looks at ways in which you can use them too…

Purpose and Passion

  •  Defining vision and goals


  • What, when, where, how
  • The journey – risks, options, what ifs


  • To know you’ve done everything you can (because in paragliding if you get it wrong your life is at risk)
  • To launch with confidence
  • To maximise times of opportunity
  • For when things might get out of control and you end up being outside your comfort zone Continue reading “The Three Ps of Peak Performance” »
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Jobseekers More Proactive, Recruiters Less Proactive – Exclusive Recruitment Research

The Spring 2012 Evenbase Quarterly Recruitment Review of jobseekers’ changing attitudes and behaviour, plus business confidence in the recruitment market, is now available to download.

This report is run by independent brand tracking agency HPI, and shows two key findings since our last report:

  • Jobseekers, whilst still downbeat, are showing a spirit of quiet determination to stay competitive
  • Job boards remain the most popular route to market for recruiters, but they using fewer agencies as personal networks become a more important part of their recruitment mix

Around a third of people surveyed felt that the jobs situation was worse than a year ago, which was broadly in line with our last report, although there is now a slight demographic shift – about 25% of 18-24 year olds thought that things were better than last year, but only 8% of 45-54 year olds and 15% of 55+ respondents felt similarly.

For recruiters there was a sharp drop in vacancies – with a 27% fall in the number of vacancies advertised (from 7.87 per business respondent surveyed last quarter to 5.74 in Spring 2012). The corporates were showing a small increase in hiring, with the number of SMEs and smaller businesses hiring showing a drop.

Other key findings in the report include:

  • Jobseekers are becoming more pro-active – there’s an increase in the numbers sending CVs directly to companies that interest them. And a desire to see more company information on job boards
  • Jobseekers are also continuing to use job boards in large numbers
  • Recruiters are increasing their use of social media and personal networks whilst jobseekers reduce usage of social and business networking
  • The use of personal networks by recruiters seems to have come at the expense of their use of recruitment agencies, down 6% since our last report Continue reading “Jobseekers More Proactive, Recruiters Less Proactive – Exclusive Recruitment Research” »
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Secrets of Successful Account Management

In this blog we are bring you the final sessions from the first recruiter training event that we ran with UK Recruiter.

The previous sessions from the Client Relationships event that we featured dealt with getting new clients on board and ways to deliver the desired recruitment outcome, and the videos below cover Account Management and Self-management.

Account Management

In this first session trainer Denise Walker looks at the secrets of successful account management. She shares some illuminating research from Cranfield University into why businesses lose long term clients, and also looks at the protocols of maintaining client relationships. And she fully explains the link between managing accounts and squeezing lemons!

Watch the video below, and look out for these key points:

  • 0m 20s – 45% of SMEs grow by developing existing markets/clients and finding clients just like them, whilst the other 55% grow by looking for new markets/clients
  • 2m 05s – the link between squeezing lemons and successful account management
  • 4m 15s – the customer lifecycle
  • 5m 50s – why B2B businesses lose customers (70% leave because they feel ‘unloved’)
  • 6m 35s – only 14% clients leave because of poor service
  • 8m 15s – account management protocols
  • 11m 10s – benefits of good account management – client retention!
  • 14m 15s – clear business development strategy Continue reading “Secrets of Successful Account Management” »
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