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Recruiter News, April 2012

Jobsite’s April 2012 newsletter contains news of our parent company’s acquisition of Jobrapido, plus the latest edition of our Quarterly Recruitment Review, which is free to download.

Highlights also include:

  • Jobsite is the UK’s most visited recruitment service via mobile according to independent research from comScore
  • A review of the Social Media in Recruitment Conference
  • And our blog on how to get new clients on board


To read the newsletter online, click here.

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Strategy, Implementation & Jobseeker Usage – Highlights from Social Media in Recruitment 2012

Last week saw the fourth annual Social Media in Recruitment conference.

One of the event’s greatest strengths is to bring together a mix of corporate and agency recruiters, technology and media suppliers and HR consultants to share best practice and to hear previous years’ attendees talk about how they have successfully incorporated social media into their recruiting strategy.

This year was no exception. From the opening keynote to the closing panel, the three key areas talked about and debated were Strategy, Implementation and Jobseeker Usage. Here are our takeaways:


Unlike in previous years, most attendees were now users of social media both in their personal and professional lives and the conversation has now moved on from ‘how to’ to ‘what to’. Content is king and you need to figure out who you are trying to reach and what you want them to do. The message came loud and clear from an entertaining opening keynote delivered by Steven Ehrlich that we are in the age of advocacy and endorsement, with your product or service defined by what people say about you. Conversation is the currency, so you need to move from broadcast messages to engaging, quality content that your candidates and clients will want to share and talk about.

The concept of storytelling was to the fore – 70% of what we learn comes from stories, so businesses need to learn how to tell them. Let employees tell your story and let your clients and candidates tell stories about you – create an experience worth sharing!


There were two key case studies here, one from a recruitment agency (Success Appointments) and the other from a major corporate (nPower).

Both had integrated social media into their recruitment strategies – Success Appointments to find new ways to market themselves in order to attract and retain clients…nPower as part of a direct sourcing model, creating a compelling candidate experience, raising their profile and ultimately reducing the reliance on recruitment agencies. Continue reading “Strategy, Implementation & Jobseeker Usage – Highlights from Social Media in Recruitment 2012” »

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Are You Interviewing for the Right Fit?

Interviewing skills are essential for all HR and hiring managers and yet, sometimes we get it wrong. Interviewing for the right fit – for both the job and the organisation is essential HR practice.

We invited Sharon Clews, an experienced Recruitment and HR consultant and blogger, who has just completed a major recruitment project within a retail financial services organisation, to share her experiences of how to get it right…

“Hiring for technical skill over organisational fit or attitude can have detrimental consequences which reach wider than just the role you are hiring for. I learned this lesson when I hired a very talented designer for a pivotal role. As it turned out his attitude was so disruptive to co-workers and customers that his superior skill set wasn’t worth the trade off! This in no way means that you can’t have both. It does mean that particularly in technical roles, you must look for more than just skills. If you come across someone with both the right fit and the skills to match, hire them immediately!

The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you

Before you go in all guns blazing asking the deer-in-the-headlights candidate how they are going to fit in with you, you need to be clear and exacting about what they need to fit with.

  • Make sure whoever is interviewing understands the position you are hiring for; what the organisational culture, values and expectations are. You really need to be interviewing before you interview!
  • Is the Organisational Chart clear and up to date? Could you share it in an interview? Is it very clear who the new candidate is reporting to?
  • Understand what the candidate drivers are. Is it the flexibility of the role; to work for a great organisation, money, benefits? Get to the bottom of why they are there. To that end, find out what their values are. Do they match with the core values of the business?
  • Use behavioural questioning in your interview process. Ask the candidate specific questions to see how they did, not how they think they will do! These questions will provide examples of where they have been successful at something similar to the work they will be doing for you. Questions like “Tell me about a time when you had to manage a staff member for poor performance”. You want an answer that tells you the candidate has done this before.
  • Are you recruiting for a particular type of person? Do you need an introvert, an extrovert; linear or lateral person? You need to be clear about the type of people who make up the existing team. Too many of the same type of person might not bring the best results. How well does the hiring manager understand the dynamics of the team?
  • Does the organisation, the role or the industry need to overcome any perception issues?
  • Try and dig out any hidden agendas a Manager might have about hiring a particular style of person. Continue reading “Are You Interviewing for the Right Fit?” »
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Learning to Manage the Recruitment Process

Last week we bought you the first session from the recent Recruitment Consultants’ learning event that we ran with UK Recruiter.

The topic was ‘Getting Clients On Board’ and leading trainer Denise Walker looked at the early stage sales process for winning and developing new client business. She was helped by search consultant Emma McDonnell – and this week it’s Emma’s turn to take centre stage as she leads us through a session on Managing the Recruitment Process.

Winning the initial business is one thing but to ensure that you continue to be briefed by clients you need to show that you can both deliver the desired outcome and manage a well-run recruitment campaign.

Watch the video below – here are some of the key points to look out for during Emma’s session:

  • 1m, 30s – Get to know your candidates with in-depth interviews
  • 2m, 00s – After all, candidates become clients and will respect the way you represent them
  • 3m, 35s – Know the role inside out so that you can be honest with candidates if they are the right fit…Emma gives an example of how the candidate can help you sell them to the client!
  • 4m, 45s – Good interview preparation but don’t just brief candidates on how to get the job…if clients think that you are putting the placement before getting the fit right then they won’t brief you again!
  • 5m, 50s – Always keep clients and candidates updated as to where they are in the recruitment process
  • 6m, 45s – The process can’t just be about you and your need to bill, it has to be about the client and the candidate
  • 7m, 50s – Don’t be scared to pull a candidate out of the process if you doubt their fit…the long term client relationship is more important
  • 8m, 40s – Always do a quality audit…and get someone other than you to ring the client for the feedback. They are likely to be more honest.
  • 11m, 55s – Don’t just meet the client once and then maintain the relationship over e-mail/phone, make sure you visit them on a regular basis


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The second eventManaging Candidate Relationships – takes place in London on May 2nd and there are still a small number of places available. You can register here

And look out for the 3rd session from Denise and Emma which we will feature on this blog next week…


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ASC testimonial

… We have utilised Jobsite for a number of years – for both job posting and CV searching – and have always viewed it as an essential tool for our consultants to ensure optimum candidate generation. More recently we have run branded campaigns for one of our major clients – we have had an excellent response both in terms of calibre and quantity.

Jane Storer , Operations Director, ASC Connections 

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Jobsite Eyes Global Opportunities!

When Evenbase launched in January, Jobsite became part of a digital recruitment group focused on improving how companies find candidates and how candidates find work in both domestic and international markets.

It was no secret that Evenbase had some ambitions plans in the pipeline and we’ve been looking forward to seeing what this meant for our own award winning services and solutions … and it hasn’t taken long for the opportunities to be revealed!

Earlier today Evenbase announced the acquisition of Jobrapido, one of the world’s largest job search engines, in a move that catapults the group into the top five digital recruitment brands globally!

Jobrapido is currently the second largest job search engine in the world, delivering 660m visits a year across more than 50 countries and 16 languages. This move provides Evenbase – and Jobsite – with access to one of the world’s largest candidate audiences and the ability to offer truly global solutions.

Mike Wall, MD of the Job Board Division of Evenbase, explains:

“Candidates are, and will always be, the lifeblood for recruitment. Jobrapido gives Evenbase and its brands access to this lifeblood on a global scale and supercharges our ability to move into new markets.

Our clients can expect benefits such international coverage, increased traffic of unique candidates and – ultimately – the ability to tap one of the world’s largest CV talent pools.

In addition, we gain the talent and technical savvy of the team responsible for taking Jobrapido from start up to world class in six years. Led by founder and CEO Vito Lomele, the Jobrapido team will maintain their brand and operational base in Milan, while being integrated into the Evenbase New Ventures division under Ray Duggins.

We’re hugely excited about the potential Jobrapido brings to the group and, in turn, to our partners and clients. Although there will be a period of integration before these opportunities are realised, we wanted to share news of the deal as soon as possible.”

You can hear a quick word from Keith Potts (Chief Executive of Evenbase) and Ray Duggins (MD of Evenbase New Ventures Division) on today’s exciting news by clicking on this link.









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