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How have Social Media and Mobile changed your job hunt?

At the forthcoming Social Media in Recruitment conference (April 7th) we will be taking part in a panel discussion on how Social Media and Mobile have changed the way Job Seekers search for jobs. It’s certainly a fascinating topic, and one which we have been monitoring closely over the last couple of years.

According to our most recent research 37% of jobseekers look to use social networking sites as part of their job search.

We have also seen a 400% increase in mobile traffic to our site over the last 12 months, with visits from mobile devices now accounting for 8% of total visits and 3.5% of the applications. After registering, over 17% of candidates use mobile to check their job alerts.

We’re keen to understand more about how jobseekers are using it so are looking for your input.

As part of the session, the panel will be answering questions on the use of social media and mobile in recruitment so we would really like to hear from you what topics you would like raised.

You can leave a question in the comments section, or share your experiences with us. You will be able to follow the discussion on the day via Twitter (tweets will be under the hashtag #SMIR) and we will be bringing you the key points here on this blog after the conference.

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  • Antoniojose

    Social Media and Mobile have not changed my job hunt so far, unless in terms of results. I currently hold two posts and neither has turned up with the help of them. Two phone calls were responsible for the offers and I succeeded at both intetviews -much stress since then, but two different full-time jobs at a time, and reasonably compatible with each other!

    • D1UGM2G2N

      I have never owned a mobile. It is as if today kids are born with one, and a PC too.

  • Jocoxhill

    Social media is great for being constantly ‘switched on’ to looking for a job – with your smart phone and twitter account you can scan which jobs are coming onto the market almost any time of the day or night. LinkedIN is great for building up your social network and searching for jobs. Social media is also superb for a never ending supply of free hints and tips on everything related to finding your next job, from advice on CV and cover letter writing, to interview techniques and negotiating your ideal salary. I’m yet to land my next role through social media but I am definitely seeing it as a useful tool along the way.

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