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Take Your Sourcing Up A Notch At TruLondon 6

Every TruLondon event offers something a little different and next week’s TruLondon 6 is no exception. 9 talented sourcers will be coming together in their own dedicated space to enlighten, educate and help you solve your resourcing problems throughout the 2 day event.

This guest post, from Katharine Robinson – aka The Sourceress – sets the scene for what you can expect…

“Whether you are a seasoned sourcer or just curious about this mysterious art – #TruLondon is an event that you do not want to miss. It is unlike any ordinary conference – there is no powerpoint, no speakers and no lunch. There are, however, generous portions of conversation, sharing, learning and laughter. It takes place right by Brick Lane so there is usually some curry too!

Define Sourcing

As far as I am concerned, sourcing can refer to anything that gets candidates into the recruitment process.

Each sourcer will have a different speciality. Some are masters of research; they know Search Engines and LinkedIn inside out. Another sourcer might have a marketing and brand background, writing fantastic job adverts and generating quality applications, they will know their job boards as well as all the relevant niche publications and networks. Some sourcers are real networking powerhouses; they know their industry events, they go to as many as they can and they know how to supercharge this activity using social media.

There will be at least 12 world-class sourcers in attendance at #TruLondon next week. So many, in fact, that we have been given out own dedicated space – the Sourcing Lab. And we will also be joined by Glen Cathey – author of the Boolean Black Belt blog!

Sourcers at #TruLondon

Among others, you will be able to meet all of these in the lab

You will be able to easily identify the sourcers due to our special lab coats, kindly created for us by My Social Talent!

What to Expect

The sourcers will be there to help you discover what sourcing is all about and help out with any of your most tricky searches. So don’t forget to bring details of the roles you’re currently finding hard to fill.

On Tuesday I will be running a Sourcing Surgery. Sign up for an appointment (there will be a registration form available at the event on Monday) and get some one-to-one time on a particular requirement or a skill that you’re struggling to master.

I look forward to meeting you at #TruLondon.”

If you would like to join Katharine and the other sourcers at next week’s TruLondon 6 then there is still time to register for one on the few remaining tickets. 

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    I’ve heard that Glen Cathey, author of is also going to make a cameo appearance. Not sure where I heard that.

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