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How Fresh Thinkers are Changing the Way You Think About Mobile

In the short time since our Fresh Thinking 2 event – in which Tomi Ahonen and Tony Fish presented on Mobile and the Future of Digital Engagement – we’ve been hearing from attendees about their key takeaways and how they are implementing them in their businesses.

As part of our event review we are bringing you some of the best ideas…

The Bloggers View

We always enjoy reading the blogs that the Fresh Thinkers inspire, and there were three really strong ones that we’d like to share with you:

Mobiles, Metronerds and Digital Footprints with Jobsite’s Fresh Thinkerssocial recruiting consultancy Sirona liked the way that Tomi and Tony made them think about the recruitment sector from different angles, and also enjoyed many of the soundbites!

Data drives effective mobile marketing strategies – digital marketing agency Pauley Creative specialise in the construction sector and they were looking at ways that their clients could leverage mobile to grow and nurture customer relationships

Elan Computing – then there was this review from the IT recruitment company Elan Computing…they are fast adopting social and digital tools and talk about the takeaways that will help accelerate performance. Continue reading “How Fresh Thinkers are Changing the Way You Think About Mobile” »

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