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Today is the top day for a January job hunt

Two fifths of Britons to look for a new job in January

• 7 January 2008 will see more Brits looking for a new job than any other time of year
• 42% of British adults will look for a new job this month
• 41% of Brits looking for a new job will look while at work
• Money, job satisfaction and career development top reasons to look for a new job

07 January, 2008 – Today (7 January 2008) will see more unhappy Brits looking for a new job than at any other time of the year, according to new research from

The poll of 1,500 British adults reveals that two fifths (42 per cent) are planning to search for a new job this month (January), with the majority of those looking today on the first Monday back in the office. A further 13 per cent will start their search after receiving their first pay cheque of the year on 31 January, making it the second most popular day.

Four in ten people searching for a new job (41 per cent) will be looking for vacancies while at work, with 61 per cent of office-hour job hunters planning to spend more than two hours a day on their online search.

However, the majority of staff are honest with their employer when it comes to taking time off for interviews, using either holiday time (30 per cent) or flexi-time (25 per cent). Although 20 per cent would make an excuse and 10 per cent would pull a sickie.

According to the research, almost half of people have used the Christmas break to think about their career, with 62 per cent saying they think the New Year is an ideal time to have a new start.

And while wanting more money is the biggest reason for January job hunting, 51 per cent of people looking for a new position crave more job satisfaction, and more than one in 10 are simply unhappy in their current job.

To help workers evaluate whether it really is time for a new job or just some New Year’s resolutions about work, has developed an online psychological test, Happy Days: This allows users to determine whether they are genuinely happy or unhappy at work, identify what area of their job is causing them unhappiness, and find ways of tackling this.

Keith Potts, CEO of, which carried out the poll, said: ”The New Year is often seen as a good time to make changes and start afresh. With time off over Christmas to reflect on your current job situation it’s perhaps unsurprising that the first Monday back in the office sends most people looking for something more fulfilling. When you consider how much time you spend at work it’s essential that you find a job where you can be happy.”

He added: “Job hunting can often be seen as daunting but it doesn’t need to be. Jobsite have designed their site and services to help people find the right job as quickly and easily as possible so you no longer need to spend hours each day searching.

“You can set up Jobs-by-Emails so that relevant vacancies are delivered direct to your inbox or can add your CV to the database so that recruiters can come to you with exciting new job opportunities. Log on today to ensure that 2008 is the year that you’re happy at work.”

The study reveals that Brits are now most likely to search for a new job via the internet, with 48 per cent of those polled saying this is the easiest way to look for work. A further 22 per cent will look through ads in the papers, while one in 10 will only apply for a job if they hear about it from friends or family.

Top 5 reasons for looking for a new job in the New Year
1. More money
2. Job satisfaction
3. To further my career
4. I’m unhappy in my current job
5. I want a less stressful job

Notes to editors:
Research was carried out online by independent market research agency 72point who interviewed a sample of 1,500 British adults in December 2007.

About the Happy Days test
Developed in collaboration with psychologist David Moxon, the Happy Days test uses a psychological technique known as “the empty chair” to give users real insight into whether they are genuinely happy or unhappy at work, and what aspect is affecting them.

According to the Happy Days test, it might be worth considering a new job if any of the following statements apply to you:
• I dread going to work in the morning
• My company doesn’t value my opinions
• I don’t get enough time to spend with my family and friends

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