It’s time to embrace flexible working

Recruitment Strategies
It’s time to embrace flexible working

Internet technology is driving a workplace revolution that’s leading businesses to consider whether having staff in the office from 9 to 5 is now a hangover of a bygone era.Read More

Keep investing in your staff referral scheme

In-House Recruiting, Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment is going through so many changes – look at the rise of mobile and social media recruiting, for instance. But recruiters need to be careful not to overlook the value of more traditional tools. Staff referral schemes are a key example.Read More

There are no boring jobs, just boring job descriptions

Job Advert Advice

This year, we’ve already looked at the wonderful, and sometimes bizarre, world of the latest recruiting buzzwords. It’s a given that some job descriptions go overboard trying to make the post sound exciting, but this may be increasingly important.Read More

How do recruiters view Brexit?

Recruitment Strategies

Theresa May is yet to trigger Article 50, and given the recent High Court ruling that both the Commons and the Lords must have a say on Britain’s exit from the EU, it’s possible (but unlikely) that she won’t be able to.

Assuming that the vote does reinforce the decision to ‘leave’, however, what will this mean for the recruitment sector? Will it be business as usual? With so much spurious information out there, we consider how recruiters actually view Brexit by looking at some of the key trends emerging – or not – since the vote, so that we can provide some clarity and separate fact from fiction.Read More

Employee benefits – future trends

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We all know the kinds of employee benefits available now, but what about the company perks of tomorrow? How are they changing to suit people’s different needs and expectations? We found out more from a talent acquisition expert.Read More

Jobsite and Pompey In The Community Launch ‘All For Work’ Campaign

Jobsite in the Community

Last week, Jobsite in collaboration with Pompey in the Community were delighted to deliver the first session from our ‘All For Work’ campaign aimed at providing local people with the opportunity to develop key skills, build networks and become more employable.Read More

Perks – what are the small benefits that staff like best?

Recruitment Strategies
Perks – what are the small benefits that staff like best?

When it comes to recruitment and staff retention, salary and official benefits such as healthcare and an ample pension contribution are just one part of the puzzle. In fact, there’s more and more research to suggest that more personal and flexible perks can go a long way in terms of attracting and retaining top talent. In this feature, we dive deeper into this research and learn what benefits go the distance.Read More

How millennials and their values are impacting employee benefits

Recruitment Strategies

Millennials are now entering employment in significant numbers and will continue to shape organisations for many years to come. Attracting the very best of this generation is business-critical, but how should companies manage this successfully? We identify the attitudes and desires of millennials to help you understand the benefits that you should be offering to recruit and retain them…Read More

‘Must-have’ employment benefits

Recruitment Strategies

In a society that increasingly values a good work/life balance, employee benefits are becoming as important as the salary itself. We examine the latest research on the wants and needs of employees and reveal their current expectations…Read More

What makes a great recruiter?

Recruitment Strategies

You would think that the recruitment industry would be good at recruiting recruiters. But it may surprise you to know that this is not usually the case.Read More

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