An employer’s guide to approaching mental health issues in the workplace

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mental health issues in the workplace

A study by Canada Life Group insurance last year highlighted that over half (57%) of UK employees say that they have suffered from mental health problems at work. With this in mind, we explore how you can support your staff’s mental well-being in the workplace.Read More

Top tips for hiring an IT contractor

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8 top tips for hiring an IT contractor_B2C blog 767x130

The need for contract work is on the rise, but hiring a contractor can be a different process compared to hiring a full-time employee.Read More

Future-proofing your candidate’s skills

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7 Future-proofing your candidates skills_B2C blog 767x130

Set against the backdrop of ever increasing automation in the workplace, as a recruiter it’s time to ask yourself what you can do to future proof your candidate’s skills.Read More

Is it time to let your employees work from home?

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6 Is it time to let employees work from home_B2C blog 767x130

Just over 13% of the UK’s workforce currently work from home, but is it time your business had an office shake up and introduced remote working? We explore the benefits of flexible working policies.Read More

Jobsite take home two Onrec awards for innovation and marketing

Corporate News

March is here, and for us this means one of the most important nights of the recruitment calendar – the Onrec awards. Created to celebrate online recruitment, 9th March saw the best talent the industry has to offer gather at The Grange Hotel and raise a glass to the year’s successes.Read More

How a job board can help recruitment agencies

Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Strategies

A “job board” does exactly as it says on the tin – it’s an online bulletin board where recruiters and employers can post their electronic job ads. All very simple, right? Wrong. While it’s certainly true that Jobsite makes it easy for recruitment agencies to post jobs, there are many more benefits to using a job board.Read More

3 Novel ways to find your perfect candidate

Recruitment Strategies
3 Novel ways to find your perfect candidate _B2C blog 767x130

Companies are often bombarded with CVs that aren’t always the best fit for the business or the role. It’s why they’re increasingly turning to ‘Creative Recruiting’; challenging candidates in novel ways in a bid to find the crème de la crème. Read More

Honest conversations: How to deal with a tricky employee

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Honest conversations How to deal with a tricky employee _B2C blog 767x130

We can all think of examples in our careers where we have put off having a conversation with a colleague who is difficult to deal with.Read More

You’re hired! Five reasons to take on an apprentice

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Five reasons to take on an apprentice _B2C blog 767x130

With National Apprenticeship Week upon us, we explore why you should look to hire an apprentice for your team.Read More

How to ensure a candidate is the right cultural fit

Recruitment Strategies
How to Ensure a Candidate is the right Cultural Fit  _B2C blog 767x130

Finding the right candidate for a role can involve a lot of time and resources from a recruiter. Make sure that cultural fit is a key part of your recruitment process.Read More

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