Succession planning – securing your business’s future

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Just a few key people are the difference between success and failure for many SMEs. So losing those people to maternity, illness, retirement or to a rival company can be a serious challenge. The answer is a strategy for succession planning. Here, we reveal some basic tips for making sure there’s always someone ready to “pick up the baton”… 

Succession planning securing your businesses future

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How to nurture creativity in your business

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Being a creative professional is a full-time job for some. For others, managing these creative talents is their full-time job. So what’s the best way to do it efficiently? Why is it so important in the first place? We spoke to some experts to get their advice on how you can ensure creativity is nurtured in your business…

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To counter-offer or let them go?

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With the economy emerging from recession and staff considering their options, all employers will sooner or later face the prospect of having a key staff member poached. So what do you do when that happens; counter-offer and convince them to stay, or wish them well and hope you can absorb the impact of their loss without any adverse effects?

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When interviews go wrong: the interviewer’s perspective

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It isn’t just interviewees who can have a hard time at interview, they can be tricky for interviewers, too. Linda Dalloz, an executive coach and mentor with more than 20 years’ experience of corporate HR at senior level, shares her advice on how to handle some of the common interview situations you may be faced with…

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Jobsite Annual Charity Football Tournament

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On the 7th of May we held our fifth annual charity five a side tournament, where fourteen teams arrived at Fratton Park to battle it out for our coveted golden football trophy. This year’s tournament was in aid of local charity Enable Ability who are dedicated to helping disabled children in and around the Portsmouth area.

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Agency worker regulations: are you up to date?

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Agency workers, better known as temps, enjoy many of the same rights as permanent employees. As a recruiter of these vital people for your company, you need to be sure you’re right up to date with the law…

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How to manage redundancies in your team

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The r-word is, sadly, an unavoidable outcome for many businesses. But while redundancies occur across all sectors and all business sizes, approaches to managing them are far from uniform. We spoke to a range of experts to get the dos and don’ts…

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Jobsite signs new sponsorship deal with Portsmouth FC


Jobsite is delighted to announce that we have signed a new three-year deal with Portsmouth Football Club to continue as the club’s main partner.

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Salary research – Are you paying the market rate?

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With the continuing upturn in the economy, employers will have to revisit the salaries they offer to attract new talent – but how can you be sure you’re competitive and offering the going rate?

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Creating a recruitment strategy in 7 steps

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Hiring new employees can make or break a business because people are the biggest asset of any company. Bring in the right people and you could really boost performance, get it wrong and the impact could be disastrous…

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HR expert Rita Trehan [] has advised companies around the world. Here are her 7 tips for establishing a recruitment strategy for your company that should help make hiring less of a daunting prospect and more an exciting opportunity.

1. Know what you are hiring for

A company’s first decision will be whether to manage recruitment in-house or to outsource it. Either way, Rita stresses: “If you do not have a good understanding of what you need, you are likely to end up with something that you did not want. Understand not only the skills and abilities needed, but also the type of person that will be a good ‘cultural fit’.”

2. Where to look – do your research

“The explosion of online recruitment sites means that there are more places than ever to advertise and highlight your opportunities,” says Rita. “Large online job sites, LinkedIn and other social network sites are the new normal when it comes to finding candidates.” However, she adds that what’s really important is working out what recruitment channels are going to get the best return for your company.

3. Make the application process straightforward

“Ask yourself how easy it is to do business with your company when it comes to recruitment. Is the process simple and straightforward, or do candidates have to jump through hoops to get on your radar? A bad experience does not just affect how they view your company today; their impression can reach multiple people. View your candidates as customers.”

4. Hearts and minds

Organisations that successfully appeal to the hearts and minds of the people they seek to attract and retain achieve better results, Rita believes. She explains: “Engaged and committed employees create a multiplying factor; they are the individuals who would recommend a family member or friend to work at their company and are happy to share why their company is so great.”

5. How to decide – have a robust assessment process

Rita advises: “Develop a set of criteria to assess who best fits the job specification and ensure you have a robust interview process. Make sure your leaders are trained to interview and assess. Remember, the cost of a bad hiring decision isn’t just a monetary drain – its effect can linger, so ensuring that you invest time to make the right decision and not just to fill a seat is key to a successful hire.”

6. Move fast – good candidates are in demand

Ensuring that you can move quickly once you have decided is vital in landing the right talent, says Rita. “Common missteps include waiting until you have found the right candidate to decide on the compensation package or not having a process in place to move from reference-checking to offer. Candidates will not hang around, especially the good ones, so once you have identified the right candidate, make sure you can close the deal.”

7. Recruitment as a continuous process

Rita believes recruitment doesn’t stop when an employee joins the company. Everything possible should be done to help with “on boarding” – giving new faces what they need to get up and running quickly as an effective member of your team. After that, a company must strive to keep employees engaged – otherwise, before you know it, you’ll need to recruit again.

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