Automation in the recruitment industry

Recruitment Strategies
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With more and more candidates looking to land their first job, next move, or even make a career shift, for recruiters it’s becoming increasingly difficult to whittle them down and find the needle in the haystack. But can automation be the answer?Read More

Teamwork interview questions: How to find out if a candidate is a team player

In-House Recruiting
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Team work is a phrase that is cited a lot in the workplace for its importance but with the average teamwork interview questions it can often be difficult to gauge if a candidate is really a team player.Read More

Is it time to embrace office Hygge?

Recruitment Strategies
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The Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) has swept the UK by storm, with its idea of cosiness, calm togetherness and the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures. But might this trend make itself to the workplace as well as the home?Read More

Attracting the top graduate talent

In-House Recruiting
Attracting the top graduate talent

There’s less than six months to go until students graduate, but with an ever expanding list of companies looking to hire the best of the best, how can you ensure your company attracts the cream of the crop?Read More

Curveball interview questions for recruiters to ask candidates

In-House Recruiting, Recruitment Strategies
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As a recruiter you will have used your fair share of standard recruitment questions, but have you really thought about what you want to hear from potential new employees?Read More

National Sickie Day – The top pulling a sickie excuses to watch out for!

Corporate News
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The first Monday in February is renowned for being the biggest day for absenteeism in the workplace – in fact it’s been named National Sickie Day! Read More

Taking your candidate interview to the next level

In-House Recruiting, Recruitment Strategies
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Interviews are as much about the candidate selling themselves to the business, as they are about you selling the business and its ethos to the candidate. After all, it’s important to find the right person for the job, but who will also get on well with the rest of the company.Read More

5 ways to attract the best tech talent

Recruitment Strategies
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Attracting and retaining technology talent to your business is difficult in an increasingly competitive market.Read More

The emerging science of recruiting

Recruitment Strategies

We’ve already learned how companies such as Google are challenging traditional methods of recruiting – like relying on a ‘gut feeling’ about candidates after the standard and limited interview.Read More

How to future-proof your recruitment business

Recruitment Strategies

The recruitment world is changing. Economic uncertainty, advancing technologies, a dearth of candidates and internal recruitment are all potential pitfalls to recruiters. To get a better understanding of the initiatives recruiters are exploring to tackle them, we spoke to Andy Evenden, Managing Director of permanent and contract IT recruitment agency CONEX Europe.Read More

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