Britain’s STEM crisis and the need for #geekpower

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Tackling the dire shortage of STEM skills is about more than just filling open jobs. It’s about the kind of country we want to be, says Sophie Relf, Jobsite’s marketing director.
Geek power

The STEM crisis in numbers

Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) are foundations of the British economy. Despite containing only 1% of the world’s population, the UK is the world’s sixth largest manufacturer and produces 10% of the world’s top scientific research. According to Professor Brian Cox, engineering alone plays a major role in about a third of the economy. “Almost £500bn is the gross value added of sectors where engineering is an important component,” he says. Continue reading “Britain’s STEM crisis and the need for #geekpower” »

Jobsite campaign scoops B2B social media Shorty award


On 9th April 2014 Jobsite’s ‘The Advantage’ campaign won the Shorty Award for Best Use of Social Media by a B2B brand.

We Won

The winning campaign by Jobsite, ‘The Advantage’, gave consumers the chance to win the ultimate job interview package. This was launched with a video spoof of the hit BBC show ‘The Apprentice’ and playfully highlighted Jobsite’s brand proposition, ‘Real jobs for Real people’. Continue reading “Jobsite campaign scoops B2B social media Shorty award” »

Jobsite & 20th Century Fox offer Walter Mitty career makeover

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Jobsite is the exclusive 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment partner for the home movies DVD release of Ben Stiller’s acclaimed The Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie. The film follows day dreamer Walter Mitty’s adventures in pursuit of a more fulfilling life as a response to redundancy, and culminates in him searching for a job online.

Walter Mitty

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment could see the strong parallels between Jobsite’s purpose: to connect the best in talent with the best in recruitment, and day-dreamer Walter Mitty’s adventure which leads to a job hunt for a better career. The collaboration between Jobsite and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment produced #MAKETHELEAP a career makeover promotion which will run two weeks before and for two weeks after the DVD release, from 7 April to 5 May; the DVD being released on 21 April. Continue reading “Jobsite & 20th Century Fox offer Walter Mitty career makeover” »

Jobsite Advantage: Shorty Awards Finalist for Best Use of B2B Social Media

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We’re pretty chuffed here at Jobsite to have been shortlisted by the Shorty Awards for the Best use of Social Media in the Business-2-Business category. It goes to show that Social Media as a channel is a great way to engage with prospects and clients as well as candidates.



Jobsite Advantage was in great company when entering for the awards back in February. Dell put forward a customer product reviewing campaign that leveraged Natural Language Processing and social media listening tools. Callaway teamed up with LinkedIn putting forward a way to invite professional network members to play rounds of golf. And Cisco took a human approach to the launch of its new mega-router the Cisco Network Convergence System product, but our David entry Jobsite Advantage beat Goliath budgets and brands to a coveted finalist position.

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An Ecosystem of Content

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We have been very busy over here at Jobsite, in just three months; we have improved our position in the marketplace by changing our marketing focus from reach to relevance.




The beginning

Research from HPI brand tracking showed 30% of millennials — those born after 1980— found TV ads from major job sites “boring and uninspiring”, whilst further 23% could not tell the difference between them. To start a more meaningful conversation with our target audience on their terms and in their space, Jobsite have put an end to TV advertising and invested in a new digital, editorial strategy— to create, curate and connect distinctive content. Continue reading “An Ecosystem of Content” »

Portsmouth Football Club Sponsorship – Stakeholder Interview


Tom White Interviews Sophie Relf, Jobsite’s Marketing Director

Sophie Relf at Fratton Park

Image courtesy of Colin Farmery – Portsmouth FC

You are a local company, so was that one of the reasons why you decided to sponsor Pompey?

Yes, community, enterprise and innovation are core to our culture.  Jobsite is a very successful British business; when we launched in 1995 the total UK internet population was 40,000.  That was pretty forward thinking, and we aim to remain forward thinking. Continue reading “Portsmouth Football Club Sponsorship – Stakeholder Interview” »

Boxing Day Multi-Screeners Drive Record Mobile Traffic


Man on mobile phone

Jobsite is pleased to report a 367% increase in job searches from mobiles and tablets on Boxing Day 2013.

As UK millennials reached for their newly charged mobiles and phablets; Jobsite was able to confirm record numbers of people looked for a new job with traffic levels rising from 4pm and peaking at 6pm. reported a 28% increase in people looking for a new role on Boxing Day, with those living in London and seeking a new role in Engineering, keenest to get a head start. Continue reading “Boxing Day Multi-Screeners Drive Record Mobile Traffic” »

Candidates vote Jobsite best recruitment site


Jobsite scoops ‘Best Generalist’ at the National Online Recruitment Awards 2013

Jobsite was delighted to win the NORA Best Generalist Job Board award, as voted by candidates, at this year’s award ceremony. The fourth win for Jobsite in this category, the NORA award is the only one of its kind that asks candidates who they would vote for.  

Beating job board generalists CV Library, Reed, totaljobs and Monster, the award shows that Jobsite’s investment in customer service is appreciated by jobseekers. As Institute of Customer Service members, Investors in People, and Big Tick Responsible Business award winners, the latest NORA win for Jobsite cements its place as a trusted recruitment site.

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Jobsite Wears It Pink in October for Breast Cancer Campaign

Social Good

As corporate sponsors of Wear It Pink, Jobsite donated £10,000 to Wear It Pink, and was joined by 22 companies at Langstone Technology Park and CityJobs in London to raise a further £1,000 on Friday 25 October, when they went pink in support of Breast Cancer Campaign.

BITC Tweet was branded pink for several days across Pink Friday, with a #JobsitePinkBoobs blog and a microsite on Facebook highlighting their support.

Langstone Technology Park, where Jobsite is based, was turned pink for the day, too, seeing footfall of over 500 people through Reception where Jobsite’s banners and posters raised awareness of Wear It Pink.

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Jobs on the Go


Here at Jobsite we’re pretty forward thinking and part of our ethos is reflected in our approach to mobile. You see for example we hardly ever do that – call it mobile, like it’s something separate. This is because as we all know candidates and recruiters use a cycle of technology every day; for most it goes something like this:

  • Up and thumb swipe with mobile
  • Move on to iPad or tablet
  • Commute to work, if on the train it’s tablet again
  • In at work (if office based) – desk top
  • Commute back home – iPad or tablet
  • Walk home – mobile
  • Whilst making tea, watching TV – second screen with whatever is nearest; iPad, mobile, tablet
  • Bed way too late
  • Hey put that screen down…

That’s why we’ve recently launched responsive job search pages (they change depending on the screen you are looking at them on), responsive ‘I might want to be a customer’ pages, an updated iPhone and iPad app, and mobile that connects you to your cloud so that if you have saved a CV in the cloud then you can, as well as search and find, also apply for a job. Et viola – Jobsite jobs on the go in a nutshell.

Disclaimer: Any views here do not necessarily reflect the views of Jobsite. As such we cannot be held responsible for the views expressed here or any actions taken as a consequence.