How to future-proof your recruitment business

Recruitment Strategies

The recruitment world is changing. Economic uncertainty, advancing technologies, a dearth of candidates and internal recruitment are all potential pitfalls to recruiters. To get a better understanding of the initiatives recruiters are exploring to tackle them, we spoke to Andy Evenden, Managing Director of permanent and contract IT recruitment agency CONEX Europe.Read More

Jobsite complete anniversary celebrations with candidate’s dream job experience

Jobsite in the Community

Last year, Jobsite celebrated its 20th birthday with an extensive multi-channel marketing campaign culminating in an opportunity for candidates to win a once in a lifetime prize – to live their ‘dream job’ for the day. November saw our final winner Heidi travel to Iceland and live out her dreams of being a travel writer.

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How to help candidates write their CV

Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Strategies

Despite an increasing amount of job seekers looking for alternative ways to capture employers’ attention and the rise of online work profiles, most recruiters believe that traditional CVs still hold an important place in today’s recruitment process.

To find out what works we spoke to Chris Burles, Head of Product at Jobsite with 10 years’ recruitment industry experience, for his top CV writing tips…Read More

Plan recruitment strategy now for the new year

Recruitment Strategies

January is one of the prime times for recruitment: budgets are released, allowing bosses to make new hires and new goals are set. All the while existing employees start to look around and eventually hand in their notice, leaving employers with significant gaps to fill.

In this feature, we offer some tips to help you ready yourself for the new year rush, thus making the process as efficient and painless as possible.Read More

Top recruitment buzzwords to avoid

Recruitment Strategies
Top recruitment buzzwords to avoid

The 10 most overused recruitment buzzwords have been identified by Jobsite. As we reveal what they are, we sought the advice of some experts on using them in job adverts, and the impact that they might have not just on the number of applications you receive, but the suitability of candidates.Read More

How can you help tackle age discrimination?

Recruitment Strategies
How can you help tackle age discrimination?

From gender and race to sexual orientation and, most recently, tattoos, discrimination with regards to employment is rarely out of the headlines. But what about age, which is something of a grey area when it comes to the hiring process? We find out from an expert how companies can avoid age discrimination…Read More

It’s time to embrace flexible working

Recruitment Strategies
It’s time to embrace flexible working

Internet technology is driving a workplace revolution that’s leading businesses to consider whether having staff in the office from 9 to 5 is now a hangover of a bygone era.Read More

Keep investing in your staff referral scheme

In-House Recruiting, Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment is going through so many changes – look at the rise of mobile and social media recruiting, for instance. But recruiters need to be careful not to overlook the value of more traditional tools. Staff referral schemes are a key example.Read More

There are no boring jobs, just boring job descriptions

Job Advert Advice

This year, we’ve already looked at the wonderful, and sometimes bizarre, world of the latest recruiting buzzwords. It’s a given that some job descriptions go overboard trying to make the post sound exciting, but this may be increasingly important.Read More

How do recruiters view Brexit?

Recruitment Strategies

Theresa May is yet to trigger Article 50, and given the recent High Court ruling that both the Commons and the Lords must have a say on Britain’s exit from the EU, it’s possible (but unlikely) that she won’t be able to.

Assuming that the vote does reinforce the decision to ‘leave’, however, what will this mean for the recruitment sector? Will it be business as usual? With so much spurious information out there, we consider how recruiters actually view Brexit by looking at some of the key trends emerging – or not – since the vote, so that we can provide some clarity and separate fact from fiction.Read More

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