3 Novel ways to find your perfect candidate

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Companies are often bombarded with CVs that aren’t always the best fit for the business or the role. It’s why they’re increasingly turning to ‘Creative Recruiting’; challenging candidates in novel ways in a bid to find the crème de la crème. 

Whether you want to reach a candidate that’s working elsewhere, or sift through reams of ill-fitting CVs to secure the cream of the crop – companies are getting increasingly creative to cope with the competition for all-star candidates in today’s job market. Many companies are beginning to set the bar impossibly high for candidates before they even reach the interview stage, thus ensuring that they can find the right employee for their business.

Take Dyson, for example, whose aim is to hire 3,000 globally by 2021. Employing on such a large scale is no mean feat, and it’s imperative that their new talent is a good fit.  That’s why the electronics giant recently began its search for engineering talent– by launching a pop-up where participants have the opportunity to solve “cryptic software-based challenges” in teams to help test their problem-solving skills. The top challengers will be offered job interviews with the company.

3 Novel ways to find your perfect candidate

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GCHQ opted for a similar stance a few years ago, revealing a range of cryptic codes in the race to secure the next generation of cyber spies. Those successful in cracking them were invited to interview, which resulted in a wider talent pool than the Oxbridge candidates that GCHQ typically targeted. Similarly, MI6 runs an online self-assessment quiz that determines whether you’ve got what it takes to be the next 007.

 Of course, creative recruitment strategies aren’t limited to online cryptic tests, which can require a lot of money and may not always be relevant to your company’s industry. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up three novel ways to find the perfect candidate, without having to break the bank!

1.      The alternate CV

Instead of asking applicants for a general resume, why not ask them for anything but? Whether it’s submitting a video application, pitching for the job interview through a series of Tweets, or asking them to showcase they’re creative coding skills. Asking for an alternative to the CV will help you work out which candidates are really hungry for the job.

Take Zef Narkiewicz’s famous Ceefax CV, for example – when job applications are this creative, you know you’ve found the right employee for the role!

3 Novel ways to find your perfect candidate

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2.      The open house

Many candidates fire CVs out for jobs that they’re not always interested in. So, to sift through these applications and find the candidates that are really interested, why not add an extra stage before the one-on-one interview?

Hosting an ‘open house’ event that invites all the applicants along will help you to determine who really wants the job, as applicants are very unlikely to time the time out of work for a job that they don’t really see a future in. This technique has proven success, with the consultancy start-up, I Love Rewards Inc., whittling an invitation list of 1,200 guests to 400 attendees.

The open house might simply involve introductory sessions from your HR team, offering applicants a glimpse into daily life at your company, or you might want to take this one step further and have assessment centers on the day, too.

3.      The group test

Group interviews should be an integral part of your recruitment strategy, as they enable you to assess each candidate’s people skills. Set group tasks, such as group presentations, project work, debates or negotiation tasks, as these will give you further insight into how well the applicants cooperate within a team.

Group interviews can be a worst nightmare for some applicants, so even by showing up to the group stage interview, the candidate has demonstrated their commitment to the process.

Whether it’s a group test, alternate CV or an open house, adding an extra stage ahead of the one-on-one interview will help you to find the perfect talent. It might be a long process, but it’s important you find the best-of-the-best candidate for the role – your staff are the life-blood of your company and their performance will reflect well on yours too.

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