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Can you do more to support autistic candidates?

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Understanding how to avoid and overcome difficulties can be crucial to ensuring an enjoyable and effective working relationship

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Is it time to gamify your hiring process?

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If you’re looking to shake up the way you attract talent, gamification could be a good place to start.

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The sabbatical – fresh perspectives for long-term employees

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Work isn’t everything. But we spend most of our lives doing it. Sometimes people just need to take a break.Read More

The impact of automation on the workforce

Recruitment Strategies
The impact of automation to the workforce

Automation is already here, and here to stay. How will it affect the recruitment industry? And what do jobseekers feel about it?Read More

Should your company have a wellbeing fund?

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Daytime yoga or exercise classes. Free breakfasts. ‘Fun budgets’. What can employers offer employees to help their physical and mental wellbeing?Read More

Future-proofing your candidate’s skills

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Set against the backdrop of ever increasing automation in the workplace, as a recruiter it’s time to ask yourself what you can do to future proof your candidate’s skills.Read More

How a job board can help recruitment agencies

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A “job board” does exactly as it says on the tin – it’s an online bulletin board where recruiters and employers can post their electronic job ads. All very simple, right? Wrong. While it’s certainly true that Jobsite makes it easy for recruitment agencies to post jobs, there are many more benefits to using a job board.Read More

3 Novel ways to find your perfect candidate

Recruitment Strategies
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Companies are often bombarded with CVs that aren’t always the best fit for the business or the role. It’s why they’re increasingly turning to ‘Creative Recruiting’; challenging candidates in novel ways in a bid to find the crème de la crème. Read More

Honest conversations: How to deal with a tricky employee

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We can all think of examples in our careers where we have put off having a conversation with a colleague who is difficult to deal with.Read More

You’re hired! Five reasons to take on an apprentice

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With National Apprenticeship Week upon us, we explore why you should look to hire an apprentice for your team.Read More

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