You’re hired! Five reasons to take on an apprentice

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With National Apprenticeship Week upon us, we explore why you should look to hire an apprentice for your team.

In January 2017 the Skills Minister, Robert Halfon, announced that the UK Government would create 200,000 new apprenticeships by 2020. This pledge was part of a commitment to break down barriers, and create a ladder of opportunity for people across the country. While the Government’s extension of its current apprenticeship scheme focuses on creating roles in public sector bodies such as the NHS, local government and police forces around the country, the private sector can reap huge rewards from taking on an apprentice, too.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the top reasons why your company should take the Government’s apprenticeship pledge, and employ an apprentice this year.

You’re hired! Five reasons to take on an apprentice

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Attracting top talent

You’ll be no stranger to the fact that talent is the life blood of any business, and the good news is that apprenticeships are one of the best ways to find the skills your company might be needing. With many applicants looking for an alternative route to gaining a higher qualification, taking on an apprentice means you’ll get first dibs on the best candidates early doors, in turn giving your business a competitive advantage.

What’s more, as apprentices often enter the workplace with minimal experience, you can encourage them to acquire the skills and working habits necessary to thrive at your company, and mould them in to the employee you need them to be.

Injecting innovation

When employing an apprentice, you’re not just gaining fresh talent, your business is also benefiting from the fresh ideas and perspectives they bring. Today’s wave of apprentices are also digital natives, meaning there could be a thing or two they could teach your skilled staff from a technology point of view!

A loyal workforce

Apprenticeship schemes can bolster your businesses employee retention, with research conducted in line with National Apprenticeship Week showing that four fifths of employers believe that apprenticeships reduce turn over.

With apprentices opting out of university and going straight into a particular field, they’re more committed to a career in your industry, and they usually feel loyal to the company that trained them.

You’re hired! Five reasons to take on an apprentice

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Government funded training

Apprentices don’t just inject fresh ideas and talent into your business, they can have a significant impact on your bottom line. In fact, employing an apprentice is one of the most cost effective ways to introduce the skills your business needs, because the Government funds for the training of apprentices between 16-18, meaning you only pay their salary.

According to a study by the UK Commission on Employment, nine in ten employers believe apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to train staff, and, 75% of employers feel that apprenticeship schemes reduce recruitment costs, too.

Tackling the skills shortage

The UK is facing a skills shortage, with the Government saying that it is of such long standing and such intractability that “only the most radical actions can redress them”. What’s more, with potential migration rulings posed by Brexit, this skills shortage is only set to increase.

Hiring an apprentice means your business will be doing its part to tackle the national skills shortage, and to help the young people of today to join the career ladder, which today is notoriously difficult to get a foot upon.

If your business wants to benefit from the UK’s freshest talent, a better bottom line, and that fuzzy feeling you get by doing your part for the community, tale the apprenticeship pledge and hire an apprentice today!

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