How a job board can help recruitment agencies

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A “job board” does exactly as it says on the tin – it’s an online bulletin board where recruiters and employers can post their electronic job ads. All very simple, right? Wrong. While it’s certainly true that Jobsite makes it easy for recruitment agencies to post jobs, there are many more benefits to using a job board.

You can reach millions

There are almost seven million candidates looking for jobs with Jobsite so your advert is sure to attract attention. It can be accessed on mobiles, tablets and PCs, plus Jobsite’s technology means it will also be emailed to matching candidates from a bank of two million subscribers. Even if you have lots of vacancies in different sectors, a jobs board means you can advertise them in one place. And, to make the whole process even easier, any applications come straight to your inbox so you can start to find your perfect candidates almost instantly.

Of all the online job boards, Jobsite has consistently delivered a standard and quality of service second to none – particularly in the IT, Analytics and Banking sectors, where we have found and placed a number of high-calibre candidates.”

How a job board can help recruitment agencies

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Michael Young, MBN Recruitment Solutions Ltd

You can build your brand

We all know that branding involves building a reputation or image in prospective customers’ minds. But it’s easier said than done, and some job hunters may have little or no opinion of your service so far. A job board can help you to actively build and manage your brand and reputation, giving you the visibility your business needs. You’re in complete control of your adverts with Jobsite, so by keeping a consistent style, you’ll soon be able to build a relationship with job hunters – they’ll become your candidates.

As a small business, what matters most to us is their dedication to making our adverts work. I know I can rely on them to deliver the results.”

Claire Farley, Untapped Potential Ltd

You can do your own candidate search

Jobsite’s candidate search gives you instant access to 6.7 million CVs in almost every sector in the UK. Finding the perfect candidate can sometimes be a challenge, and often there aren’t enough hours in the day. Luckily, Jobsite’s CV search tool promises to match your vacancy quickly and effectively. Click here for our tips for speedy and successful searching.

As a business we use the Jobsite CV database, which is constantly updated and has a great search facility.”

Matthew Evans, KnowHow Recruitment

How a job board can help recruitment agencies

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You’re supported all the way

Jobsite’s expert account managers can guide you through all of the steps to using a job board effectively. They can also solve any problems you may be having in attracting the right candidates and offer suggestions for maximising the interest in your vacancy.

My Jobsite account manager has provided an unrivalled level of service to me over the past two years. She always has a cheery and positive attitude, and is willing to help with any problems I may have.”

Owen Wines, Swift Touch

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