Getting the most from Jobsite’s CV search

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Getting the most from Jobsite’s CV search

Jobsite’s Candidate search gives recruiters instant access to 7 million CVs in almost every sector in the UK. In this post we offer up a few best practice tips for you to get the most out of this powerful tool, ensuring you get to those top candidates quickly.

In an ideal world, the best candidate for your job vacancy would simply knock on your door at the right moment. Or a CV filled with all the best skills, relevant experience and outstanding ability would drop into your inbox . But, this is the real world – and it’s very rare that it happens like that.

Finding the perfect candidate is a daunting challenge, and often there aren’t enough hours in the day…

Luckily, Jobsite’s CV search promises to find CVs that match your vacancy quickly and effectively. Here are our tips for speedy and successful searching…

A simple CV database search

This provides you with a quick and easy way to search candidates’ full CVs. There is only one field to fill in – the ‘Search main CV for’ field at the top. It can be used to search the skills that candidates consider to be their most current and applicable skills.

Tips for efficient searching

To ensure your CV search results contain the most relevant candidates, include as much criteria as you can. Use commas to separate words and quotation marks to search for phrases.

– To search for more than one word in the same field, you can use “and”, “or” and “not”. For example: Sales or telemarketing.

– If you’re looking for two words together, use quotation marks. For example: “Project Manager”.

– Brackets can also be used to structure your query. This type of search is completed in two phases. Firstly, the keywords within brackets are searched, followed by the remainder of the query. For example: (“Project Manager” or Consultant) and CRM. This will search for Project Manager and CRM and Consultant and CRM.

Once you click the Submit button, you’ll be asked to complete a quick security check then your results will be displayed. You can view the CVs as web pages, highlighted text or as a Word document – the choice is yours: simply click on the relevant link.

Searching the CV online questionnaire

If you want to be more specific about the kind of person that you’re looking for, there are more fields you can fill in to narrow down your results. When candidates register their CVs with Jobsite, they complete a short questionnaire about their skills and work preferences – and you can search this information.

You’ll need to add in your own search criteria to the first two fields. Remember to think about a candidate’s thought process when they were creating their CV.

For example, if you are looking for a Marketing Manager, you could include the terms Advertising Manager, Marketing Executive and Promotions Manager in your search.

Tips for specifying your search criteria

Try to use as many variations as possible to describe the skills and job title. Someone who has good communication skills may also describe themselves as “approachable” or “personable”.

Other fields are simple tick boxes or contain drop-down menus, where you can select the correct criteria. Tick as many boxes as are relevant. For example, by selecting one industry sector narrows your search – but candidates’ skills can cover multiple sectors, so you may prefer to tick several boxes.

Finally, you can specify the geographical areas in the search. The function will search a radius around a location but for a greater reach, enter multiple locations.

Next steps

You’ll probably need to refer back to your search results several times, so save it and give it a name. This means you can return to your results or perform a new search. Usefully, you can save up to 20 searches.

Tips for taking your candidate search further

– If you need to change your search criteria do not use the back button. Click on the Modify This Search link instead

– You can contact a candidate directly from the search results. Click on the candidate’s name and you will be able to send them an email.

– To save a candidate’s CV, open it in the format you prefer, click on File, then Save As, then choose the destination folder where you wish to store the CV.

We’re here to help: contact your Account Manager or email for more information.

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