How can you reach the right candidates?

Recruitment Agencies

No doubt about it, technology has had a huge impact on how recruiters attract and find the best candidates for vacancies. Online jobs boards rank as one of the most effective methods for attracting applications alongside corporate websites, according to the CIPD’s Resourcing and Talent Planning 2015 survey.

How can you reach the right candidates?

But while they are essential tools for attracting candidates, how can you ensure you’re using them to their best advantage? James Batchelor, Key Account Manager at Jobsite, has this advice for recruiters…

Know your SEO

“Whether you’re advertising on a networking site or a jobs board, make sure your advert uses a job title that the majority of candidates will be searching for. Search results work on relevancy. Don’t be tempted to use alternative titles further down the advert and don’t use a highly specific title unless you’re advertising for a very specialised role. After job title, salary and location will be the other criteria candidates are most likely to search for, so be as specific as you can for these.”

Stand out from the crowd

“Structure is important when you’re writing any advert, but especially online. A simple but effective structure is to split your advert into three: write something about the company, the role and the type of person you’re looking for. “You also need to make your advert stand out by highlighting the unique selling points of the organisation, even if you can’t name it. So talk about the culture, for example.

Benefits packages tend to be similar, so instead mention things like whether the office is air-conditioned or if there’s a parking space. It’s that kind of thing that can set your advert apart from the others.”

Treat social recruiting with caution

“Larger companies with in-house recruitment teams might have someone in charge of social recruiting as a full-time job. But for most independent recruiters there’s the danger that time spent on Twitter or Facebook can be time wasted: you don’t have any control about where your posts or tweets will end up or who will see them and they can easily be missed.

Also, remember that people already following the company you’re recruiting for aren’t necessarily going to be your target audience of job-seekers.”

Consider using more than one site

“The great thing about jobs boards is that you can use more than one and you have control over which ones you use. You just need to know and understand exactly who your ideal candidate is and the target audience of each board. The jobs boards a local company would use are likely to be different to those that a national company will advertise on, for example.

The same goes for job sectors. There are boards that specialise in salesITengineering or finance jobs for example, so it’s well worth doing your research beforehand. The best candidates will be looking at jobs boards specifically targeted to their sector.”

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