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Top tips for hiring an IT contractor

In-House Recruiting
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The need for contract work is on the rise, but hiring a contractor can be a different process compared to hiring a full-time employee.Read More

Getting the most from Jobsite’s CV search

Recruitment Agencies, Recruitment Strategies
Getting the most from Jobsite’s CV search

Jobsite’s Candidate search gives recruiters instant access to 7 million CVs in almost every sector in the UK. In this post we offer up a few best practice tips for you to get the most out of this powerful tool, ensuring you get to those top candidates quickly.

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The emerging science of recruiting

Recruitment Strategies

We’ve already learned how companies such as Google are challenging traditional methods of recruiting – like relying on a ‘gut feeling’ about candidates after the standard and limited interview.Read More

Make candidates’ CVs shine

Recruitment Strategies

No pressure but, as a recruiter, you act as the gatekeeper to people’s dream job; what you send your clients can determine if someone gets their foot on the next step on the ladder, or not… There are, of course, a number of ways to ensure that the CV(s) you put forward stand above that of your competitors and serve to present your candidates in the best possible light…Make candidates’ CVs shineRead More

What can you learn from Google about how to be a better employer?

Recruitment Strategies

It’s often quoted that Google receives around three million CVs a year, from which it hires somewhere in the region of 5,000 people. As the senior vice president of people operations, Laszlo Bock is in charge of ensuring that the new recruits are the best ones possible – and that they don’t later run off to join competitors.

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Boxing Day Multi-Screeners Drive Record Mobile Traffic

Jobsite in the Community

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Jobsite is pleased to report a 367% increase in job searches from mobiles and tablets on Boxing Day 2013.

As UK millennials reached for their newly charged mobiles and phablets; Jobsite was able to confirm record numbers of people looked for a new job with traffic levels rising from 4pm and peaking at 6pm.

Jobsite.co.uk reported a 28% increase in people looking for a new role on Boxing Day, with those living in London and seeking a new role in Engineering, keenest to get a head start.Read More

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