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Top Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

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The way people work has changed dramatically in recent years. The pressure is on however, to prove yourself as an effective manager, delivering results with today’s virtual teams. Here’s how to do it.Read More

Home working – an aid to productivity or an organisational headache?

Recruitment Strategies

Flexible working is on the rise with more people eager to work at least some of the time at home – but some businesses are still wary. We spoke to business and recruitment experts to understand the benefits for companies and how to go about introducing it successfully.

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Changes to flexible working are afoot. Is your business ready?

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Many businesses already offer flexible working, and the law currently allows those with dependents to request flexi-time, job sharing, remote working, term-time working or compressed hours from their employer.

But did you know from June 30th the law will change, and all employees with at least 26 weeks service will have the right to request flexible working? As an employer you must provide a valid business reason as to why a request cannot be granted, but what does this mean?

At Jobsite, we’ve discovered that many businesses in the UK haven’t prepared for these changes or thought about how they might affect their organisation.

That’s why we’ve created a panel of experts to offer free help and advice to prepare businesses like yours by giving you the facts.Read More

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