Redundancy Advice

      Unfortunately redundancies have become an all too common part of our working lives at the moment. If you or a family member have been made redundant you'll be well aware of the worry and uncertainty it brings.

      We'd like to help you get back into work as quickly as possible. So in addition to signing up to receive Jobs-by-Email and uploading your CV, you can find lots of helpful redundancy advice below to help you prepare for your return to work.

      CV / Covering Letter Advice

      CV/Covering letter advice

      Your CV and accompanying covering letter are essential documents to show why you deserve the job that you're applying for. They decide whether you get invited to interview so you need to make sure they're spot on.

      Need some help?

      Interview Advice

      Interview advice

      Not had a job interview for years? Do nerves get the better of you every time? Are you unsure how to answer some of the interviewer's questions? If this is the case for you then take a look at some of the advice below, which will help you show the interviewer how capable you are of doing the job.

      Legal Advice

      Legal advice

      If you're not sure where you stand after being made redundant or feel your employer might not have done everything by the book, take a look at some of our plain-speaking legal advice for an explanation of your rights.

      Online Jobhunting

      Online jobhunting

      The internet enables you to access thousands of jobs from across all sectors and regions. At Jobsite, we want to help make your jobhunt quicker and easier so we have a number of online tools to help you find the right job. Use the links below to learn how you can get the most from our site.

      Career Advice

      Career advice

      It may seem odd, but losing your job can be a positive opportunity to reassess your working life and make a change for the better. In this section, we'll show you how you can use redundancy as a chance to boost or change your career.

      Job Search

      Job Search

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      Money Matters

      Probably one of the biggest worries about losing your job is the financial effects. But careful planning and a bit of homework can ease these.

      Training Advice

      Improving your skills and qualifications is an excellent way to increase your employability — to both current and prospective employers — and can also boost your pay and promotion prospects.

      Staying Motivated

      It's understandable to feel disheartened when you've been made redundant but making an effort to stay motivated can play a huge part in helping you to find a new job.