CV Watchdog

      Receive alerts when new relevant CVs are available

      Jobsite's CV Search database is growing fast, with hundreds of new CVs added every day.

      Our CV Watchdog service takes the hard work out of searching, because it compares newly uploaded CVs with your search criteria and emails you with links to matching CVs.

      • Save your searches as CV Watchdog alerts
      • Receive emails that link to relevant CVs
      • Get the CVs you need without having to search yourself

      How does CV Watchdog work?

      CV Watchdog is an email alert service and the amount of alerts that you can create is based on your Jobsite contract - please contact us for details.

      To create your CV Watchdog alerts, sign in to your Jobsite account and follow the tips below.

      How do I create a CV Watchdog string?

      Once you have signed in to your Jobsite account, click the 'Edit CV Watchdog' option. This new page is where you create and edit your CV Watchdog searches.

      Click on the 'edit' link next to an unused CV Watchdog slot and complete the form with your search criteria - there's also an advanced search section at the bottom of the page. The level of detail you provide will determine the relevancy and quantity of CVs that you will be alerted to.

      • Search on multiple words using the commands 'AND', 'OR', or 'NOT' e.g. sales OR telemarketing
      • If you are looking for a two-word term, put it in quotation marks e.g. "Project Manager"
      • Use brackets to structure searches, e.g. to separate the two parts of your search: ("Project Manager" or Consultant) and CRM
      • Use the 'Don't show CVs' field to exclude CVs from your results e.g. those containing certain words or locations

      When you are happy with your search criteria, click 'Submit Watchdog' to save it.

      Top tip: Try out your CV Watchdog criteria on the main CV Search form first. This way you can check the CV results are relevant to you, before creating your CV Watchdog string.

      How do I download CVs?

      CV Watchdog sends you email alerts containing links to matching CVs. How you download these matching CVs depends on your level of access to Jobsite's CV Search database:

      • CV Search (licence access) - click the link within your CV Watchdog email to view and download CVs as usual
      • CV Search (download access) - click the link within your CV Watchdog email to view the anonymised CV online. To view and download the full CV (and candidate's contact details), click the 'unlock' button to use one of your CV Download credits
      • No paid CV Search access - click the link within your CV Watchdog email to view the anonymised CV online. To access the full CV (and candidate's contact details), contact us on 023 9245 7575 to discuss buying CV Download credits

      Editing and deleting CV Watchdog strings

      You can edit or cancel CV Watchdog alerts using the 'Edit CV Watchdog' page, which you access via your client home page. You have three options for each CV Watchdog alert:

      Deactivate -
      the search remains in your list but no alerts will be sent
      Edit -
      enables you to open the alert and change your criteria
      Clear -
      deletes the search completely

      Top tip: Centre your primary search on the field 'Search candidate's CV for', which will scan CVs for the words, phrases, qualifications or even abbreviations that you need.

      Find out more

      If you'd like advice about our CV Watchdog service, send us an email or call 023 9245 7575.