5 great jobs in healthcare

The advance of medicine means that jobs in healthcare have never been as varied as they are now. There are roles to suit a wide range of skill sets, personal qualities and interests. We take a look at just five of them… 

Embrace the career in an offshore life

Say the word “offshore” to someone and what immediately springs to mind? Oil rigs and big bucks?

Cabin fever and long periods of time away from home? Here, we gain a better understanding of the industry and then delve a little deeper by chatting to two engineering experts who have first-hand experience of offshore life… 

Help keep Britain safe: join the Police

When I grow up I want to be a… police officer! Erm, actually, can I change my mind? If you’re interested in police jobs but aren’t ready to commit to life as a fully qualified bobby, then check out these awesome, alternative roles.

Give a warm welcome to a career in hospitality

With careers in the hospitality sector estimated to account for one in 10 jobs worldwide by 2023, and the industry contributing £57 billion to the UK economy in 2014 alone, it’s clear that opportunities within this sector are at an all-time high. Here, we talk to those in the know about how to cut it in this ever-developing field…

The hidden night army that keeps London moving

As London increasingly becomes a 24-hour society and the capital’s businesses respond with a corresponding call for ‘a more flexible labour force’, the standard Monday-to-Friday, nine-to-five working pattern is starting to look antiquated.