Interview spotlight – Why do you want to work for us?

It may appear a simple enough question at first glance, but the interviewer is actually looking for a number of important points to be addressed – and they may not be immediately obvious…

If you spend some time considering your answer before you go to the interview, you won’t be caught out on the day and will be able to provide the interviewer with the information they are looking for. As the saying goes: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

5 Creative roles in finance

They say money makes the world go round – so how can working in finance be dull? In fact, there is a raft of ways to be creative in a finance job. If you have money, you’ll probably want some advice on the best ways to spend it, save it or turn it into even more money. Here are five job roles that demand creative solutions…

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1. Wealth Management Consultant

Duncan Glassey is a senior partner at Wealthflow LLP. One of the things he and the company specialise in is advising people who have suddenly become

Creativity in engineering

What do Millennials want from their jobs? Bonuses? Free lunches in the cafeteria? Complimentary iPads? Maybe not. Because, according to a recent survey conducted by Universum, “a creative and dynamic work environment” is perhaps the defining mega trend for Generation Y…

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Creativity, it turns out, is the single most desirable attribute for engineering students around the globe. Oddly “creativity” isn’t the word that always springs to mind when you think of the industry. Instead, the stereotypical images of hard hats and rolled-up schematics spring to mind. The general impression of engineers is of people doing things

5 Creative roles in sales

There’s a lot more to selling than door-to-door double-glazing and cold calling. Here are five inspiring roles that demonstrate how creative the art of selling can be…

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1. Wine sales

Brits love wine. Fact. And our taste is increasingly discerning. It’s goodbye to the days when a nondescript bottle of £4.99 wine would do the trick, and hello to boutique wine shops, which are popping up everywhere! Working in wine sales – whether for a major retailer or an exclusive network – can be exciting and challenging. Finding creative ways to

Creativity in IT

A job in IT suffers from the misconception that it’s dull and techy. But how can that be true when almost every aspect of our 21st-century lives has information technology at its heart? We spoke to people working in different sectors who would argue that IT can offer a career that’s both exciting and creative…

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Video games

After leaving Croydon College, Stuart Billinghurst worked as a freelance Theatre Designer in London before changing career tack entirely in 2001 and taking a Read more