What’s it like to work on an oil rig?

Jake Molloy began working offshore in 1980, delivering accommodation maintenance services in the Ninian Field, located in the northern North Sea. Having worked oil rigs for 17 years, who better to explain what life (and work) was like on them…  

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What was your first impression on seeing an oil rig?

I was totally in awe. The size and scale are beyond belief – an oil rig is a harbour, an airport, a hotel and a refinery. And you get there by helicopter!

5 great jobs in oil and gas

Oil and gas aren’t just the fuels that power our cars, heat our homes and food and are the source of plastics and thousands of other industrial chemicals. They’re also a central part of the UK economy, providing a wide range of fascinating, challenging jobs.

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Subsea engineer

The demands of undersea drilling are unique. The corrosive effects of salt water, the crushing atmospheres of water pressure, the total darkness… this is the extreme end of engineering and it demands a unique set of skills.

Competency-based interviews in Sales

Job interviews can be tough. Still, when it comes to pressure, few job applications can match the nerve-wracking process that is the competency-based sales interview. Not only do you need to be ready to cite examples of your track sales performance, you also need to be able to explain, expand upon and maybe even justify your answers.

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Fear not, as Simon Cannon (pictured below), Manager of Sales Recruitment at Robert Walters, is here to give us his top five tips…

Living and working in: Liverpool

What’s over 800 years old, home to some 1.5 million people, the birthplace of the biggest band to ever walk the face of the Earth… oh, and two world-famous football dynasties? The answer, of course, is Liverpool. It’s also a thriving city to live and work in…

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Key industries

According to Liverpool Vision, the city’s economic development company, the Liverpool city region has an economy worth £20bn. Central to this is the port and its associated storage, logistics and services businesses.

Work-life balance in IT

Computing skills are in high demand. As we become increasingly reliant on digital technologies – from our smartphone to our smart fridge – technicians, coders and project managers are expected to deliver on time, every time. So how do they maintain a work-life balance?

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“November is the busiest time of year,” says Gavin Massey, project director at Red Ant, a digital experience company that works with brands like Topshop and Universal. “Everyone in retail wants a new website for Christmas, recruiters want their new jobs live for January, restaurants want their