What does a Creative Director actually do?

Sure, we’ve all heard of the Creative Director job title but do we really understand what it means? Not only is it a broad title, but when you also consider the sheer range of industries the title can exist in, it becomes even more confusing. But there are some essentials to the role. To find out what they are, we decided to ask two experts…

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What does a data analyst do?

 Deterred by a career in data because you think it sounds dull? Think again – data analysts are like detectives, discovering how our day-to-day lives tick and helping to make sense of it. As we reveal, it can be a creative, challenging and rewarding career…

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Data analysts are looking at everything from the way we shop to our voting intentions in a general election. Our travelling, TV viewing and web-surfing habits are analysed forensically. So are crime figures, population trends, companies’ financial performance, and the battle for customers between the big supermarkets and the discount

5 ways to improve your networking skills

The phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” rings truer than ever today. Yet, some find it difficult to pluck up the courage to start selling themselves in front of people they barely know. You should work hard to increase your networking mojo, though, as it could provide a useful stepping stone in your career path…

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Magazine editor Helen Brown got her first editorial job via a recommendation from a university friend. Since then, each contract she has secured has been through one of her networking contacts.

Public speaking and presentation skills for introverts

Even the greatest of extroverts can find public speaking the most unnerving experience this side of waking up with a tarantula on your pillow. The crushing nerves. The fear. The pressure. The tendency to project your voice with all the power of a dormouse with a sore throat… These are worries for anyone, but for the introverts of the world, they are amplified tenfold. Still, Abraham Lincoln was a shy, retiring man and it didn’t stop him from delivering the Gettysburg Address!

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Becoming a leader if you’re an introvert

We think of leaders as being lots of things. Confident. Loud. Fearless. Decisive. In other words: extrovert. But introvert? Not so much. And yet – when it comes to the professional world – the opposite may well be true. Some of the world’s most successful people have self-identified themselves as an introvert –– from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg. 

But what makes them such potent managers and leaders? What are the obstacles they have to overcome? We asked Alison Townley, an independent learning and development consultant, to fill us in…