How to embrace uncertainty

The rapid changes of the modern workplace can feel incredibly daunting, particularly to those of us who value routine and predictability. Blinded by uncertainty, people may struggle to see past fears about where their career is heading.

A CV for career changers

In the 20 years that Jobsite has been reporting on the working world, things have changed massively. Of all the evolutions we’ve witnessed, it’s the rising trend of employees switching careers thats arguably presented the toughest recruitment challenge. So what do you put on your CV if you’ve been in the same line of work for a while and now are looking for a complete change?

‘Why I love my job’ – four careers to consider

 We spoke to four people who love their jobs – and they’re in sectors that you may not have thought of… could one of them be perfect for you, too?

How to make a career change

For many of us, a change in career will happen organically as roles gradually shift or we are offered an exciting new opportunity. But what about those of us who want a complete career overhaul, or who know only that they aren’t happy or fulfilled in their current profession? We hear what some experts have to say…

Brilliant alternatives to dream jobs

Do your career aspirations match those of your childhood? Perhaps you still plan on making it as a doctor / astronaut / firefighter / actress (delete as applicable). Or maybe you’ve given up on your big ambition altogether?