5 Ways to earn an income online

With a satisfactory level of job creation still, sadly, appearing to be a long way off, we often hear from frustrated jobseekers looking at trying to start their own businesses as a way of generating income. The problem is that many aren’t sure where to start.

For this blog we asked Greg & Fiona Scott, authors of ‘Living a Laptop Lifestyle’ and specialists in helping individuals launch online businesses, for their advice on how to get started and ways to make an income online…

“It’s tough landing a new job in 2012, not only because of the recession, but also because the internet is making many 20th century jobs redundant. The unfair part is that you, as a jobseeker, have no control over either of these causes. It’s presumed the UK will eventually pull out of recession, but the advancement of the internet and social media will not stop.

The world is not getting any smaller, but free international communication platforms (like Skype) provide non-Western economies with the booming opportunity to capitalise on the resource requirements of recession hit economies – like the UK. That’s why thousands of jobs disappear offshore each year!

So what can you do about it?

Why not make the most of the growth and acceptance of the internet and get yourself ready for a job of the future working on the internet?

You may not realise it, but you have the greatest opportunity to leverage the biggest market in the world, that’s open 24/7, with no barriers to entry, and is big enough for everyone! It’s not too late, and you haven’t missed the boat.

The internet is providing practical people with unlikely money making options. Why? Because there are virtually no barriers to entry, the investment required is negligible, and the internet is freely available around the globe.

Many people think they need to be smart or techie to work online, but that simply isn’t true. If you don’t know how to do something, search on Google and/or Youtube for help. If you still can’t do something, outsource the problem and find someone that can.

You already know how to research a subject (because you’re job hunting), write an email, watch a vid on YouTube, and can copy and paste text. Right?

Then you’ve already got what it takes to earn an income online! Why not join the ranks of tens of thousands of people in the world who work where they want, when they want, making a legitimate income online?

You’re probably wondering, “How can I make a legitimate income online? I haven’t got anything to sell!”

Well, here are five suggestions:

  • Use the info and knowledge you already have to provide online advice to paying customers. If an employer is willing to pay you for your knowledge (if only there were enough of them to go around) you already have something worth paying for. So sell information to others who don’t know what you know. Register your services on sites such as odesk.com, freelancer.co.uk, or peopleperhour.com. You’ll have to start off charging small until you’ve finished the first few jobs and developed a reputation. Then increase your charges
  • If you spend half your life on Facebook, offer your services to corporate entities which are afraid to embrace social media as a free form of marketing – they’re crying out for help as they’ve got an incorrect belief that Facebook and Twitter are just for personal stuff! Start off printing some simple flyers and drop them off to small businesses in your area
  • If you believe you have no knowledge to sell, offer to type transcripts for authors, small businesses or blind people. Or what about a thesis for academics and post grads. Again register on odesk.com, freelancer.com, or peopleperhour.com, or advertise at local universities or in local shops and message boards
  • Do lots of small tasks many times over. Have a look at sites such as fiverr.com and gigbux.com and see what services other people are offering, and do the same. The good thing about these sites is competitors can’t undercut you in price; however they can over deliver in value, so . . . do likewise!
  • Sell other people’s digital products for commissions of 50% to even 100% (which is called affiliate marketing). Downloadable eBooks, videos, and audios, cause no problem with distribution, customer service or payment collection. All you need to do is get people (traffic) to the offers in order to make the commissions. Look at big affiliate marketplaces like clickbank.com, cj.com, and affiliatewindow.com to see what’s available to sell. You will have to take lessons on how to get traffic to your offer, but there are many low cost traffic courses on Warriorforum.com

These suggestions are very real and are easy to do! You can search for other solutions online – try and think outside the box!

This could be way easier than searching for a job, BUT . . . you must have the right attitude of focus and commitment, otherwise you’ll quit when you’re just about to become successful.”


Greg and Fiona Scott specialise in helping individuals who want to establish or enhance their online business to get comfortable with technology and marketing, and have written the book ‘Living a Laptop Lifestyle’. You can find more information on them here.