Living and working in: Bristol

According to global recruitment firm Kelly Services, a whopping 77% of UK workers would be willing to relocate to a different city for the right job. And when it comes to relocating, one city is clearly distinguishing itself as the most desirable destination in the UK. In March this year The Sunday Times declared Bristol as “the best city to live in Britain”.

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Let’s look, then, at some of the professional (and fun) reasons why you should consider upping sticks and starting a new life there…

5 Common CV mistakes

The UK job market is a competitive place, meaning getting yourself noticed by a potential employer is a challenge. Invest some time in creating a professional CV that will stand out and get you through to the all-important interview.

Often employers are faced with a pile of CV’s and insufficient time to read each one in detail, make sure yours has all the key points easily jumping off the page, and avoid these common mistakes -

Which Marketing role is for you?

Ever wondered if a career in Marketing is for you? With an abundance of varied job roles within the sector it’s often difficult to know which one you are best suited to.

Specific areas of responsibility undoubtedly vary from company to company, along with job titles themselves, here are some examples of marketing roles and advice on what typical responsibilities you can expect from each.

Do you open work emails on holiday?

A growing dilemma of employees in the UK is whether to open work emails whilst on holiday. It’s that time of year you’ve booked your flight, the sun is calling, but can you really bring yourself to leave the laptop at home?

Every situation is different and varies from company to company, person to person and indeed can also be dependent on what level in your career you are at. It’s a good idea to clarify at the start of your employment whether you will be expected to work out of hours or login at weekends and holidays, to

What job is right for me?

Not everyone’s career is love at first sight. Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

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So, if you know what you want from a career but don’t know what job will provide it, here’s some lesser-known professions that you might be able to fall in love with.