Where will my art and design degree take me?

You have your degree, but what next? What can you do with the skills you’ve developed? Well, Britain’s creative industries offer some of the most exciting and varied jobs around – everything from interior designer to illustrator. Here are four you could consider…

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1. Art gallery manager

This demands great artistic awareness, excellent interpersonal skills and good general business sense. It’s not just an exciting and varied role, but also one that gives you the opportunity to have a global career, working in the great cultural cities of the world; places

How to write an IT CV

What’s most important on an IT CV? Technical skills? Experience? Qualifications? We find out how an IT CV differs from those in other industries and how to write a CV that won’t get you deleted from a recruiter’s database. Take a look at Jobsite’s IT vacancies and then put your IT CV skills to the test.

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Never the same CV twice

The most important thing to remember with CVs is that, like a covering letter, every one you submit should be tailored to a specific job. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an

Will you be ready to build HS2?

HS2 will be one of Britain’s biggest ever transport projects, costing more than £40bn and generating well over 40,000 new jobs in the rail sector. So just what is HS2? What are the engineering challenges? And how can you get involved?

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As fast as we build new stations and trains, they fill up to capacity. And if you think overcrowding is bad now, think again. By 2035, there will likely be an additional 9 million people living in Britain. All those people will have to get around somehow and, with long-distance travel the fastest growing type

5 Steps to becoming a sales manager

One of the great things about sales is that talent can get spotted and promoted fast. We spoke to Jenny Knighting, founder of B2B sales firm Nutcracker Agency, to get some pointers on how to make a swift transition from new kid to old hand.

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Step 1: Be prepared from day one

“Know as much as you can about a product or service before you start selling it,” says Knighting. “Have a think about who you want to sell it to and who might want to buy it. It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong,

Top 5 skills required to become a rail engineer

With Crossrail well under way and HS2 on the horizon, there’s never been a more exciting time to get involved in rail engineering. Here are the top 5 skills that will set you apart from other rail engineers – and how you can get them…

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1. Knowledge of BS, HA, NR and Eurocode design standards

Apply for a job as a chartered engineer with Mott MacDonald and you’ll see knowledge of design standards listed as an essential requirement, and rightly so. Standards play an increasing role in modern