Contracting in engineering

Recently, we looked at the intricacies of fixed term contracts – what they are and how they differ from permanent positions, the pros and the cons. Now we’re delving deeper into the world of contracting – specifically, engineering contracting – to look at some of the different positions available and determine your best options. 

Share your skills: become a trainer

Think you need to get a promotion to create a change in your career? Think again. Your current skill set may just make you a perfect trainer!

Graduation guide – how to find work experience and internships

You’ve graduated, congratulations! First of all, these two previous blog posts: How picky should you be when applying and 5 steps to getting your CV looking goodare good starting points. Then, once you’ve got a plan, it’s time to delve into finding yourself some work experience. Our insights will help you on your way…

Graduation guide – 5 steps to getting your CV looking good

You’ve just graduated, congratulations! After three or four years of hard work/hard partying (delete as applicable!) you’ve managed to pull off a degree. Next step? Pulling off a job – despite your rather experience-free CV…

Graduation guide – how picky should you be when applying?

Graduating is tough. After three or four years cocooned in the university bubble you’re thrust into the real world of trying to find a job. For many grads the situation can feel dire: you have little or no valid work experience (or at least that’s what you think) and are thousands of pounds in debt. Additionally, it’s possible that your dream job won’t immediately materialise, so how prepared should you be to deviate from your chosen career plan?