5 In-demand engineering jobs of 2015

You may have already read here about the broader engineering trends that will be coming to the forefront in 2015, but what are the specific job roles that will be most needed? Well, last year, the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s Ones To Watch report highlighted some sectors that are likely to create a lot of demand for certain professions. Let’s look at 5 examples…

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1. Electrical engineers

While it may not be as hot a topic as the NHS or the economy, one of the most interesting debates doing the rounds

What does a Sales Assistant do?

It’s a role that you’ll frequently see advertised, but have you ever wondered what the job actually involves? Here’s a round-up of the info you need to know…

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What skills are required?

Some people think that sales people are born, not made. That isn’t strictly true but whether you’re working with customers in the flesh or, just as likely, over the phone, you’ll need people skills. You should be personable and a good listener, so that you can understand what the customer wants and which of your company’s products will best suit their needs. To that

5 more in-demand IT jobs for 2015

It’s not always easy to second guess the broader trends in IT recruitment going into a new year. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Here’s part two of our look ahead to what’s going to be big in IT in 2015…

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In part one, we got a top recruiter’s take on the specific skills that would help you get the job you want. For part two, we spoke to Lionel Owusu, senior consultant in IT recruitment at Robert Walters, for his take on the likely areas of growth that would drive recruitment in

The most in-demand IT jobs of 2015 – part 1

There are few industries where skills age faster than IT. Technologies, employer demands and job titles change so fast that it isn’t always easy to know where your career is heading and which career choices will pay off best. In the first of a two-part series, we asked recruitment consultants which jobs they think will be most in demand in 2015…

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Lotta Lax is business manager at Cordant Dynamic, a recruiter specialising in IT, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Stack. She’s very positive about the general IT market and especially the demand for mid- to high-level roles.

5 Finance jobs that will be in demand in 2015

Financial services is one of the largest and most rapidly changing sectors in the UK economy. If you’re looking for a pay rise or a new job, here are five roles that could boost your finances in 2015.

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1. Pension/care fee advisors

Whenever there are rule changes, there are opportunities for people who can help implement them. From April, people will no longer be forced to buy annuities with their pension when they retire. Simon Bell, MD of Grays Executive, has already seen this change have an impact on the market for pensions experts. “Businesses have