5 Jobs for people who love social media

Are you a Twitter titan? Could you write the book on Facebook? Well, with each passing year, more and more jobs are emerging that could reward your talent. Social media may barely be a decade old, but last year the Guardian reported that jobs in this sector increased at a staggering rate of 1,357%! An interesting symptom of this is the seemingly endless series of innovative new job titles being created. It’s created something of a world of slippery definitions, one in which job descriptions may match, but titles may not! Let’s

Wrongful dismissal: Know your rights

Employment law can seem an impenetrable maze – one that you’ll hopefully never have to navigate. But having a basic understanding of your workplace rights is still essential. So to help you get your head (and ours) around the technicalities of wrongful dismissal, we’ve spoken to specialist Employment Lawyer Philip Landau of Landau Law to bring you this handy guide.

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What’s the difference between wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal?

You may have heard of both wrongful dismissal and unfair dismissal, but they are not interchangeable. Wrongful dismissal is a breach of contract

Interview questions you shouldn’t be asked

Laws like the Equality Act 2010 intend to prevent companies from not employing people because of their race, religion or sex. They’re designed to stop discrimination and mean there are certain questions an employer is not allowed to ask you in a job interview.

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But what if they do ask one of those questions? How do you know if the question is ignorance of the law – or something more sinister? What’s the correct way to answer? What action can you take against a company?

What you need to know about probation periods

You don’t have to have served any hard time to be on probation. In fact, at one time or another, this word applies to us all. We investigate why…

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What is a probation period?

It is, essentially, a safety net for employers after the recruitment stage is complete. The probation period is a mutually agreed upon duration of time (typically anywhere between one and six months) in which your ability to meet certain performance levels – in other words, the potential you exhibited in your interview – will be observed and assessed. Pending a review, the

14 tricky interview questions and how to answer them

“When did you last lose your temper?” Tricky interview questions like this one are often asked as a way of establishing whether a candidate is the right “fit” for a company or not. They’re about discovering behavioural traits and personality types – and they’re difficult to answer if you aren’t prepared! To get a better idea of what to say and what not to say, we interviewed top HR professional Sharon Clews…

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Tricky interview question 1: Tell me about a time when you’ve had to communicate an unpopular management decision to your team. How did you