The freelancer’s guide to writing a winning CV

Looking to move back into a permanent full-time position but overwhelmed by the thought of writing your CV? How should you present your skills and experience, especially if you’ve done lots of smaller jobs for a number of clients, in a way that doesn’t make your CV look disconnected? Here’s how to get started and maximise your chances of getting called in for an interview…

Back to school?

Feeling lost at work? Want a change of career? Or simply want to broaden your mind? If so, going back into education could be the solution. We look at three people who’ve returned to academic pursuits…

To contract, or not to contract?

The recession is behind us yet many employers are still nervous about making the financial commitment of full-time recruits. But if you’re desperate to move on from your present job or are out of work, could a fixed-term contract be the way forward? We look at the implications and risks to help you decide… 

Working in a scandal-hit industry

The financial crash of 2008 saw the banking industry’s reputation take a nose dive. And since then, there has been disaster followed by catastrophe with interest-rate rigging, tax-avoidance in Switzerland, rows over pay, over bonuses, over mis-selling of PPI products. Public opinion of the scandal-hit industry is at rock bottom – as the quote, above, from The Financial Times shows all too clearly. So, should we pity the folk tasked with giving the banks’ image a polish? We asked financial PR supremo Richard Morgan Evans what it’s been like dealing with the toxic fallout – and whether his colleagues in

What if you’re missing your targets?

Watch the classic 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross and you’ll see Alec Baldwin standing before a room of down-on-their-luck real estate agents – played by an all-star cast including Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon and Ed Harris – giving his golden tip for hitting sales targets. “ABC,” he says. “Always. Be. Closing.” It’s not so much advice as a threat of “Be as good at sales as me or get lost”. But while the movies might not offer much advice for someone trying to reverse a sales slump, we can. After all, we’ve asked two top sales professionals, Graham Scrivener, Managing