How often should I change jobs?

Without a doubt, younger workers are more likely to change jobs more often than their senior counterparts. According to reports published by CNBC, the millennial generation is the largest in today’s workforce, and the median tenure for a millennial employee is just two years, compared with seven years for a baby boomer. A 2013 survey found that 30% of companies were losing 15% or more of their millennial workers within a year.

How resigning can help you get what you want

Finding a better job – especially through promotion – is not only time-consuming, it’s often fraught with obstacles. There are many courses of action you can take to help you get the job you want, such as training and exhaustive job hunting. But there’s another route that’s often overlooked: resigning.

How do I get into the gaming industry?

We’ve examined how the online gaming industry is an unsung hero of the British economy that’s worth billions of pounds – so how do you go about becoming a part of this success story?

5 HGV jobs in demand right now

We’ve already learned that being a qualified heavy goods vehicle (HGV) driver is an opportunity to travel the country, meet new people and enjoy an independent lifestyle. Here we look at not only what’s involved with getting behind the wheel but also other jobs associated with HGVs.

5 graduate jobs in demand right now

You’ve somehow seen it through your finals and donned your cap and gown. But what’s next? For many, summer means beaches and beer gardens but if you’re a recent graduate, it’s time to scour job ads and trainee schemes and secure yourself that first rung on the ladder. Here we profile just a handful of the many opportunities out there…