Being an extrovert at work

We all know the extroverts in our business. They’re the confident, decisive, dynamic and outgoing ones who enjoy being leaders of the pack. You may well be one of them. Like introverts, they can make an invaluable contribution to a company’s success, but their strengths and skills need to be nurtured to get the very best out of them…

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5 great jobs for introverts

Do you come to life in a group of people, or would you rather stay at home with a good book? If you value time alone over the chance to meet new people, and you prefer to listen rather than speak, you may well be an introvert.

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Although they make up as much as half of the population, it may seem that the job-hunting world isn’t set up for introverts. After all, you’re expected to go to an interview, with strangers, and be on top form, engaging in sparkling conversation, and all while making it look

5 great jobs for extroverts

Most people believe that an extrovert is a person who is friendly and outgoing. While that may be true, that’s not necessarily the true meaning of extroversion. An extrovert is a person who is energised by being around other people – as opposed to an introvert, who thrives on being alone.

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Extroverts can easily become bored without other people around, and, when given the chance, an extrovert will talk with someone else rather than sit alone. They’re very capable of thinking on their feet, in fact, extroverts often think best when

What’s it like to live and work in Leeds?

Leeds. It’s not just the third biggest city in the UK. It’s not just the regional capital of Yorkshire. It’s an inspiring place. Its streets and parks fired the imagination of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings author JRR Tolkien. It captured the world’s attention this year by hosting the Tour de France. And if all that weren’t enough, it’s even responsible for one-fifth of the Girl Power movement (that’ll be Scary Spice). Unsurprisingly, then, it’s a popular place to live.

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As it stands, in 2014, Leeds is currently home to more than 770,000

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Areas in which you could work include local government, private practice, the court service or within a business. Here we look at some of the typical roles within the Legal profession -