What about today? – key IT skills shortages

With more than two million Raspberry Pi units being gobbled up, the Year of Code bandwagon and the forthcoming changes to the computer science curriculum, a great deal of effort is going into developing the skilled IT professions of the future. But is enough attention being paid to closing the skills gaps we have right now?

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As the UK economy emerges from recession, demand for IT talent continues to intensify. The problem is, Britain is already desperately short of talent in many of the technologies that are central to business’s plans. We look at three of

Evolve to survive – how to keep your skills up to date

As employees, we are all perpetual works in progress. To avoid getting left behind in the job market, we need to make sure we can prove to employers that we are continually developing and refining our skills.

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Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for 160 million years, which is a pretty good career by any standards. Some developed wings, some learnt to swim and some grew really long necks. None thought to monitor the night sky for signs of incoming meteorites, however, which led to their unfortunate early retirement and subsequent reputation as stick-in-the-muds.

5 of the best IT courses to boost your career

Not all IT courses are born equal. We look at the ones that will make a real difference to your employability.

There’s a huge skills shortage in IT – the industry needs 140,000 new entrants each year, according to E-Skills UK, the IT sector skills council. There’s demand for talent at all levels, from school leavers and graduates to highly experienced professionals in areas like project management, security and mobile technology. Indeed, the shortage is so acute that, with the economy coming

Getting Your Career Back on Track

Have you ever been forced to take a job you didn’t really want? Has a company restructure left you feeling out in the cold? Maybe your hours have been cut, or worse, you’ve been made redundant?

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No matter how old you are, or how successful you have been at work, there are many things that can affect your career adversely. The key to overcoming such setbacks is to stay positive about your abilities and take control of the opportunities ahead. Don’t sit there waiting for things to change – try following these tips and make change

Engineering and the Renewable Energy Sector

A conversation with Beth Dickens, Senior Engineer – Pelamis Wave Power The renewable energy revolution is really taking off. Finally, after years being confined to land-based wind farms, big ideas are moving into commercial production.

That’s why there has never been a more interesting time to be working in the renewables sector, says Beth Dickens, a Senior Engineer with Pelamis Wave Power. She believes there are so many “moving parts” to this exciting sector, from marine to offshore and solar, that the industry now needs a whole spectrum of engineering skills. The future is