What’s it like to live and work in Leeds?

Leeds. It’s not just the third biggest city in the UK. It’s not just the regional capital of Yorkshire. It’s an inspiring place. Its streets and parks fired the imagination of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings author JRR Tolkien. It captured the world’s attention this year by hosting the Tour de France. And if all that weren’t enough, it’s even responsible for one-fifth of the Girl Power movement (that’ll be Scary Spice). Unsurprisingly, then, it’s a popular place to live.

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As it stands, in 2014, Leeds is currently home to more than 770,000

Where will my Law degree take me?

A degree in Law has always been amongst the popular and highly revered qualifications. It can open the door to a wide range of careers within the Legal System and outside in the wider world of business and politics.

Areas in which you could work include local government, private practice, the court service or within a business. Here we look at some of the typical roles within the Legal profession -

5 Graduate jobs you should consider

If you’re struggling to find work in your preferred field – or if you don’t yet know which career is for you – then here’s five ideas for graduate jobs that will get you earning and acquiring skills.

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It’s not an easy time to be a graduate: you’re leaving university with a considerable amount of debt at the tail end of a recession. On the other hand, graduates continue to out earn non-graduates and changes to the job market mean you’re likely to have not one but many careers over your working life. This means it’s

Graduated? Time for a career plan…

If you’ve recently graduated and you’re looking for work, don’t panic: read our six tips on how to get your career started.

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You have your degree: congratulations. But what next? Are you struggling to get the job you want? Or maybe you aren’t sure about which career path to take? Here are some pointers on how to make the leap into the world of work.

What’s it like to live and work in Singapore?

Known for clean streets and disciplinarian police, Singapore is often cited as a model of civic governance. But what is it like for someone looking to make a career there?

Singapore is a tiny island republic off the southern tip of Malaysia. Since independence in 1963, it has become one of the world’s richest nations, with the third highest GDP per capita in the world (just behind Qatar and Luxembourg). In that time, though, it’s only had one party in government and three Prime Ministers, two of whom were father and son. And yet despite its authoritarian government,