What’s the difference between fixed-term and permanent contracts?

Even if you’re looking for a permanent position, taking up a fixed-term contract can be beneficial for your career.

Converting a temporary job into a permanent one

While some employers are still demonstrating reluctance to take on large numbers of permanent staff, the temp-to-perm jobs market is booming, providing both employers and employees with a valuable ‘try before you buy’ option. But if you have found a position that you could see yourself happily staying in for the long term, what can you do about making that happen?  

Becoming a Contract Trainer

How can you breathe fresh life into your job without changing industry – and have the flexibility to choose where, when and on what you want to work? The answer might be to become a Contract Trainer…

5 great contract jobs in marketing

If you’re a marketer who prefers novelty, you’ll enjoy contracting because it involves exposure to new products or brands – whereas permanent roles will often involve working on one specific account for some time.

Check out our basic guide to marketing contract jobs and you’ll be reassured that there are rafts of laws to protect your rights. Contracting works well for employers, too, which may be one reason why Jobsite’s database currently has plenty of contract marketing vacancies across all parts of the UK.

Here are just five of the roles:

6 great contract positions in IT

If you like what you learned from our introduction to IT contracting, you’ll be rubbing your hands with glee when you hear about the interesting and financially rewarding contract opportunities in IT that are available now.

A Guide to Starting a Contracting Job

Earlier this year we looked at the implications of taking on contract work in a job market where many employers are still nervous about making the financial commitment of full-time recruits. Here we follow that up with a useful checklist of the more practical aspects of contracting…