A CV for career changers

In the 20 years that Jobsite has been reporting on the working world, things have changed massively. Of all the evolutions we’ve witnessed, it’s the rising trend of employees switching careers thats arguably presented the toughest recruitment challenge. So what do you put on your CV if you’ve been in the same line of work for a while and now are looking for a complete change?

Graduation guide – how to find work experience and internships

You’ve graduated, congratulations! First of all, these two previous blog posts: How picky should you be when applying and 5 steps to getting your CV looking goodare good starting points. Then, once you’ve got a plan, it’s time to delve into finding yourself some work experience. Our insights will help you on your way…

Graduation guide – 5 steps to getting your CV looking good

You’ve just graduated, congratulations! After three or four years of hard work/hard partying (delete as applicable!) you’ve managed to pull off a degree. Next step? Pulling off a job – despite your rather experience-free CV…

The freelancer’s guide to writing a winning CV

Looking to move back into a permanent full-time position but overwhelmed by the thought of writing your CV? How should you present your skills and experience, especially if you’ve done lots of smaller jobs for a number of clients, in a way that doesn’t make your CV look disconnected? Here’s how to get started and maximise your chances of getting called in for an interview…

How to write a great personal statement

When it comes to CV writing, nothing is perhaps quite so challenging as mastering the dreaded personal statement. For obvious reasons, the concept of “selling yourself” can be the curse of the shy. Less considered, however, is that a personal statement can also be the folly of the confident!

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There are lots of things to consider when you write your CV. You have to choose the right layout, which may be radically different depending on whether you’re currently employed, unemployed or a recent graduate.