Engineering – the creative career choice

With  International Women in Engineering day approaching on 23rd June, we spoke to IET’s ‘Young Woman Engineer of the Year’, Jenni Sidey to get her thoughts on the lack of diversity in the industry…

Can Britain’s teens solve the engineering skills crisis?

Nearly 1 million British teens could solve engineering skills crisis, but they don’t know where to start…

Why a graduate job in engineering could be key to your future

With university drawing to an end for another crop of graduates, it is time to think about whether a graduate engineering job could be the right choice.

Paul McPherson: How I Became a Design Engineer

Paul McPherson is a Junior Design Engineer at Owen Mumford who holds a BSc in Product Design. His current role includes the design of injection devices and he is a creative team player who adds value in his work through innovation and positive contribution.

Five skills to give your engineering CV the edge

Making your CV stand out can be a daunting task, in what is a competitive job market. Ask the following questions of your engineering CV to really make recruiters take notice.

The frontiers of engineering jobs

Engineers are behind the design, build and use of just about everything that makes 21st-century life what it is. And it’s cutting edge engineering that continues to turn science fiction into science fact. So, what’s the next big thing in engineering and what are the challenges that engineering may have to tackle in the future?

Top construction jobs right now

Despite fears of a post-Brexit slump, the construction sector is standing firm – a positive message underlined by the fact that Jobsite has thousands of construction jobs listed.

Starting out in graduate civil engineering

From Olympic stadiums to motorway bridges, railway systems to airports, civil engineers help to shape our world. Responsible for some of the greatest structures on the planet, as well as making sure we’re safely supplied with gas, electricity and clean water every day, it’s a profession that continues to improve our lives.

It may not seem a glamorous career, but it remains a vitally important job, with a great demand for talent the world over. So if you’ve graduated with a civil engineering degree, what are your prospects and options?

Career change – how to become an engineer

If you’re looking for a career that makes an impact, the engineering sector is hard to beat. From aerospace to robotics, delivering the latest Queensferry Crossing or designing the next fleet of electric sports cars, the engineering field impacts every aspect of our lives.

Closing the Nuclear Skills Gap

Article by the Morson Group

It’s a busy time in the nuclear industry and its gearing up to get even busier. With major decommissioning processes underway at Dounreay and Sellafield and up to five new build power stations in discussion, the sector desperately needs expert skills, knowledge and experience across a huge spectrum of nuclear roles. The problem is, they’re in short supply.